Your Journey to the Digital Workplace: Your First Steps

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You’ve come so far, let’s take a look back at the first stage of our heroic journey to the digital workplace

Over the last two months we have taken the  first steps on our journey together, our heroic journey towards the Digital Workplace.  In this stage of our journey we have outlined our vision, a workplace free from the threat of shadow I.T, a place where your employees are enabled, not hampered by technology, where you can collaborate and communicate with ease and where your people are happy – all pulling together for the good the company.

In this, our first stage of the journey, we’ve explored this vision and, along the way, joined forces with some surprising allies. Now, before we continue on our journey, let us take the time to look back, to reflect on our journey so far.

Every story has a beginning and this was yours. Take a look back at how far you’ve come and continue on the next stage of your heroic journey to the Digital Workplace.

Our series of guidebooks will act as your map, if you haven’t done so already grab your first guidebook here and sign up to receive parts 2 and 3


About the author

Helen Lancaster, has a career spanning 18 years in the IT and Telco sectors spending time at Canadian giant Nortel Networks, US manufacturer Avaya and UK Telco Kcom. Her roles over the years have included various commercial positions in sales and marketing - including four years in Madrid in Spain - leading to her current position of Head of Marketing for Northern Europe at Arkadin. Helen has a passion for data, and all things digital.

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