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Why Video Conferencing should be a Part of your Business

In an increasingly globalized business world, remote collaboration solutions are recognized as strategic business tools, helping companies stay actively connected to employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, and service providers while saving on travel expenses and cutting carbon emissions.

Even if whole continents separate them, two or more people can see and talk to each other just as they would in a traditional physical meeting.

Benefits of Video Conferencing:


– Connected Employees
Tomorrow’s workforce will largely be made up of Millennials who value productivity and enjoyment over almost everything else when it comes to work. This generation no longer considers office “face time”  an accurate indicator of efficiency, often opting instead to work whenever and wherever they can, whether it’s late into the night, at the library or from the privacy of their own homes.

Video conferencing is a hugely valuable tool in connecting these virtual offices, ensuring communication doesn’t falter as a result of dispersed teams.

– More Personalized and Dynamic Interactions
More than 50% of the content and impact of any message is transmitted through body language. In fact, according to a Microsoft study, body language is highly important to conveying authenticity and honesty. Yet another reason to opt for video conferencing as a solution – it makes communication “real.”

– Reduced Travel Costs
Business travel is a significant expense in any company’s budget. With virtual collaboration, you reduce both your own costs and your carbon footprint without sacrificing collaboration opportunity.

– Simplified Meeting Organization
Virtual collaboration also indirectly reduces expenses by saving employee time spent organizing and traveling to meetings—which, ironically, often take longer than the meeting itself! Virtual conferences reduce logistical stress and simplify your meetings.

Video conferencing improves business productivity and communication effectiveness, making it a powerful collaboration tool. It bridges the gap between employees’ new expectations of greater autonomy and flexibility and a less rigid office-based work structure, while maintaining business oversight and accountability. It’s no passing fad: this technology is here to stay.

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We are made up of marketers, sales representatives, administrators, product and project managers, developers, operational personnel and customer service agents all passionate about collaboration. Communication is at the heart of what we do, and we are continually in search of better, faster, more efficient and cutting-edge ways to connect people across geographic borders. We believe that progress emerges from people's desire to share and that everyone works better when they're having fun!

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