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Why our values are so vital to Arkadin’s success


Ever since its creation in 2001, Arkadin has enjoyed continuous growth and success, year after year without a miss, winning many prestigious awards along the way. This translates into 15 years of doing something right, really right. This is not an easy task when working in a very competitive market like ours. So what’s our secret?

Arkadin is a very highly-appreciated company, not only by its collaborators but also by its clients and partners; we think it’s thanks to the state of mind shared by our whole company. Our culture was centered from the beginning around four core values: Respect, Working Together, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Enjoyment. These values are designed to drive our business, give us a direction, guide our actions, and in the end, provide true added value to our services. Yes, it’s that simple.

Respect is our first value because it’s the basis for any long-lasting relationship, whether with clients or colleagues. Respect means taking the time to understand customers and their needs in order to provide them with the best solutions for their businesses. But respect between coworkers is also essential as it guarantees a pleasant, healthy working environment as well as mutual support.

When respect is mutual, our value of Working together comes naturally. The process of exchanging ideas and working towards a common goal guarantees successful collaboration and optimized results: customers receive solutions tailored to their needs and colleagues learn from each other and rely on each other.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit encourages us to be creative and take initiatives: solving customer problems, coming up with innovative solutions, taking the lead, and building trust by demonstrating our abilities. Everyone at Arkadin has a talent and is encouraged to use it to better our business and to personally thrive within the company.

Last but far from least is Enjoyment, which is just as important as all our other values. We believe that to succeed at a job, the worker must enjoy it. When an employee works in a respectful environment in a team with others and has the freedom to express his entrepreneurial spirit through his individual talent, the result is in a fun and enjoyable company. Whether with colleagues, clients or products, we always seek to provide the best possible environment for all.

Values at Arkadin are an integral part of its success as they guide the actions of each Arkadin employee. No matter what country you are working in or what position you occupy, Arkadin ensures your experience will be enjoyable and rewarding, because there’s no better way to do business!

About the author

Olivier de Puymorin is the President and Chief Executive officer of Arkadin, having founded the collaboration services company in 2001. A longtime entrepreneur, Olivier started and built up several successful companies in the communications, collaboration, information distribution and real estate sectors, including Xpedite France, a reseller of Xpedite Systems, Inc.’s telecommunications services. Today, Olivier leads Arkadin – one of the fastest growing collaboration service providers in the world – by providing vision, inspiration and business insight to the company’s 1,100+ global employees. A collaboration native at heart, Olivier’s leadership principles are founded on the belief that people are ever-more social and globally-minded in every aspect of their lives, hence a strong desire to promote enjoyable and valuable sharing through teamwork.

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Together we do great things