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Which is better: Being there in-person, or being there via video?

The Cubs just won the World Series!

Nearly 50,000 fans crammed into Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland for Game 7. Another 40 million more people watched the game on television.

As a Cubs fan, I was one of those 40 million. It was a conscious decision that seems easier in hindsight:

  • I live 600 miles from the ballpark
  • I didn’t have $20,000 dollars for a ticket
  • My 70-inch TV is only steps from a private bathroom and fully stocked fridge
  • I can fall asleep in my own bed just minutes after the final pitch

The comfort and benefits of my living room far outweighed the inconveniences of being there in-person. Watching the game on TV saved me time, money, and a lengthy commute.

The same could be said for business travel. Why would you consciously spend thousands of dollars to shuffle through airport lines, when video conferencing is such a convenient alternative?

But travel reduction alone is such a 2000’s trend. This is 2016. Video conferencing now features HD quality, the ability to share your desktop or app in real-time, across any device, and from anywhere in the world. And its practicality extends beyond just virtual meetings.

Video conferencing is used for interviews during the hiring process; enabling the sales force to drive customer engagement; mobilizing employees in the field or on the manufacturing floor; and improving call centers to power customer service interactions. Just to name a few.

And with universal interoperability, the biggest decision you’ll have to make isn’t what technology to use – but if wearing pants is optional. Best of all, you’re home in time for that spaghetti dinner with the family.

Okay, let’s be honest. There are still times you want or need to be there in-person. But when time or budget is tight, we can all agree that video serves as a more than adequate alternative. In the same day, you can be in multiple time zones, communicating with multiple teams, and still find time to enjoy Game 7 from the comfort of your living room.

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John Newell, Video Evangelist & Business Manager, Collaboration at Arkadin

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