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What Top Arkadin Managers Do In The Morning to Get Ahead [SlideShare]

Arkadin staff share their best practices for efficiency and how to start the working day right.

The promise of a new day. The aroma of fresh coffee. The crunch of a croissant. And if you’re Arkadin, when the day’s victories are won – because our managers tend to plan ahead rather than get caught on the hop later.

That doesn’t make them supermen (and women.) They’re just people like you, aiming to do the best job they can. But they do have some skills when it comes to optimising the day to come – after all, they’re all enthusiastic proponents of using communications and collaboration software to boost their efficiency, without resorting to endless email chains and phone tag.

But not all their efficiency-boosters come as a download. Some are simple work practices they’ve turned into habits – making sure they’re technology’s master rather than its slave. Some have nothing to do with work; a few pre-breakfast Yoga poses or two minutes self-affirming in front of the mirror set them up for the day as effectively as for you. But it’s fair to say their everyday weapon in the battle for efficiency at work is the smart use of tech.

Surprisingly, it’s often about minimising technology rather than maximising it. Some swear by using a single device to avoid a profusion of beeps. Others keep everything in the cloud, so they can borrow whatever technology’s available and travel light. Some set days for remote working; all want the opportunities of flexible arrangements.

Perhaps most importantly, they like to plan in advance for disruptions and the unexpected – setting aside time to deal with those 101 things that come up without notice every day.

Arkadin insiders love the tools they create, but they also know that efficiencies aren’t so much in the tools as in the way you use ‘em. Here’s a snappy SlideShare on the areas above.

From travelling with a small carry-on to accessing cloud services from the beach, Arkadin’s own people know how to get the best from communication and collaboration technologies – so they’re the best people to ask about driving up your own business efficiencies. If you’re ready to boost your performance at work, they’d love to talk to you.

Join the remote working efficiency revolution, with Arkadin. Find out how to strike the right balance between the management needs of your business and the needs of your flexible workforce: “The Connected Business: Managing Beyond the Remote Workforce“.


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Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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