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Webinar nightmares – 7 common issues that can turn your webinar into a nightmare [Infographic]

You know the facts. Webinars are one of the most efficient tools for lead generation in B2B marketing. So you’ve decided to organise one. Everything’s set up. You’ve got a great topic and an expert in the field to present!  Now the big day has arrived, what could possibly go wrong? Here are seven common issues and how to master them:

Infographic Webinar Challenges


Webinar Nightmare 1: The Nervous Speaker

You’re ready. Your speaker has arrived. And the event is about to start. That’s when your expert speaker realises: He’s not prepared. ‘Where do I find my slides? How do I actually present them? How do I share my screen? And where’s the webcam?’ Your presenter is nervous. If this shows during the presentation it’s a killer for you, your webinar, and your audience.

88% of webinar attendees expect a passionate and engaging speaker.
38% have left a webinar due to the speaker.


Tip: Make sure your speaker is well prepared and can focus 100% on the presentation. Do a dry run before. And have a third party deal with the technical part to ensure a super smooth, professional and effective webinar!


Webinar Nightmare 2: Poor attendance

Ok, your speaker is fine and ready to go. But… where’s the audience? The average webinar attracts 223 attendees. Yet, your attendee list shows a mere two-digit number? Your speaker looks at you. ‘Let’s wait a few more minutes for everybody to dial in’.


The average webinar attracts 223 attendees. Many attract far less.
Less than 50% of webinar registrants actually attend the event.


Tip: Start the promotion about a month before the event. And make sure you send another invite on the big day itself, even a final reminder 10 to 15 minutes before kick-off can help attendees across the line. 23% of registrants sign up more than 15 days prior to the event, and another 25% on the day of the event itself.


Webinar Nightmare 3: Access issues for attendees

Remember the last time you wanted to participate in a webinar? You just came out of that other meeting, happy to have blocked time for the webinar. You click the link…and you’re prompted to download a plugin. Half annoyed you decide to install it. Done. Now you can join the event, right? Fail. Access denied.

That’s how you lose attendees.


Error messages, plugins and access codes
scare your audience away.


Tip: Make access to your webinar as easy as possible. Use the platform that is the simplest one for your targeted audience. Attendees should be able to join through the system they’re using in their company or through their web browser. Let them click on a link or dial in from their phone.


Webinar Nightmare 4: Background noise

Your attendants finally manage to dial in. You’re happy: More than 200 attendees already. But wait… was that a dog barking just there? Yes, definitely a dog. And there seems to be a baby crying as well. Background noise can be really disturbing. It unsettles your speaker and distracts your audience.


‘Could you all mute yourselves, please?’
Background noise unsettles your speaker and distracts your audience.


Tip: Have an expert third party manage your audience. As the organiser, you usually have the option to mute and unmute all participants at once as well as single participants if necessary.


Webinar Nightmare 5: Lack of engagement

Ok good, everybody is quiet. Full attention on the presentation. But is that really a good thing? Your speaker is going through slide after slide. No interaction. No engagement. You can barely follow and neither can your audience. Suddenly you wish you could unmute that baby again.


75% of webinar attendees prefer a mix of interactive video and PPT.
Yet, only 17% of webinar speakers include rich media.


Tip: Engage your audience by including interactive tools and rich media like video, polls, group chat, in-room surveys and more. If you’re not familiar with these tools, get advice from an expert third party.


Webinar Nightmare 6: Technical problems

Finally, your speaker actually included a video. Great you have a cool piece of engaging content included in your presentation – well done! But wait, he plays it and the sound is missing. Ok, let’s go back and try it again, and again! You lose time. And your audience loses interest.


‘Just a second. We almost got it.’
Technical problems make you lose time. And your audience lose interest.


Tip: Familiarise yourself and the presenter with the technology beforehand. Test everything. If your presenter is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the technical tools, have an expert third party manage them.


Webinar Nightmare 7: Lack of questions

The presentation part is done. Now comes the interactive part. Every webinar should have a Q&A session. It’s important to directly engage with your audience. ‘Now we have 15 minutes for questions. Who wants to start?’ And then there’s that awful silence. ‘Nobody?’


82% of webinars offer a Q&A session.
Only 5% of attendees ask questions.


Tip: Give your attendees the option to send in questions when they register and invite them again to ask questions via chat during the presentation.  Also, prepare a few questions that your audience might want to ask to get the ball rolling.  Make sure you have a third party manage the Q&A session so the speaker can fully focus on his answers.


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