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Values of the Quarter Program: Keeping Our Values at the Heart of Our Business

From the very beginning, Arkadin’s culture has been centered around four core values:  Respect, Working Together, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Enjoyment. These values are designed not only to drive our business growth and provide extra value to our customers, but to unite our people through a shared set of beliefs that guide our actions every day 

Arkadin has is a company that truly lives its core values – and rewards those people who express them best. 

The Arkadin Values in Action Program is now in its 9th yearOriginally only a once-a-year award, it was expanded in 2018 to become a much wider-reaching Values Employee of the Month program, thereby enhancing employee engagement and allowing us to highlight many different profiles and initiatives from all over the world. All Arkadians can nominate and vote for their choices each month. 

But we think we can do more to keep our values strong! 

A brand-new initiative to reinforce our values 

We’re launching a new program called the Values of the Quarteran initiative designed to promote one of our four core Values each quarter, aided and inspired by the sponsorship of an ExCom Member. Each month, activities are launched across offices, depending on the Value promoted during the quarter. ​​News about these activities is communicated locally each month.  

To help run the program, we’ve created a Values Ambassadors Community. (Arkadians can consult the News Hub to view the list of Ambassadors in their locations and contact them.) 

Here’s how the new program works: Quarter 1 (April, May, June) is dedicated to our value of Respect and sponsored by Florence Mas Pastor; Quarter 2 (July, August, September) will be dedicated to Working Together and will be sponsored by Vianney Motte; Quarter 3 (October, November, December) will be for Entrepreneurial Spirit and its sponsor will be Fallon Cryer; Quarter 4, (January, February, 2020) will be about Enjoyment and will be sponsored by Armelle de Madre.  

For the launch of our first quarter Value, RespectSponsor Florence Mas Pastor, our Chief legal Officer, has left an inspiring video message regarding the programShe says, “For me, respect is everything. It is the cement of any human relationship.” Watch it here

There are many ways to show respect; two interesting initiatives this Quarter included a “Posture and Performance” workshop and discussion led by a dietician about healthy eating and living. Having respect for our bodies is as vital to our well-being as having respect for one another.    


Why all Arkadians should be part of the program 

While the Values of the Quarter program is sponsored by ExCom members assisted by the Values Ambassadors, we believe every Arkadian has a vital role to play in keeping our values alive and flourishing.  

We want every Arkadian to be involved in our Values of the Quarter actions, whether by joining in organized activities, lunch & learns, happy hours, etc., or by participating in sports groups, holiday events, Arkadin’s famous Drinks Trolleys (free drinks, yay!), or by coming up with their own suggestions for local initiatives, charitable causes, or leisure activities…  

In this way everyone can be active advocates of our Values.  

Because without the participation of every Arkadian, there is no ArkadinOnly when we all share our values and ensure that they remain at the core of all we do – both as a company and as a community – can we maintain the highest possible levels of satisfaction and engagement. 

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”- Dame Freya StarkBritish Explorer and writer 








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Armelle joined Arkadin in 2011 to take on HR for EMEA and as Deputy to Global HR, setting up HR Information System and global processes and programs. She followed by leading Marketing for EMEA, focuses on key product launches and business-driven lead generation activities. After graduating from Columbia University in New York City and HEC business school in Paris, she started her career at Renault in Sales and Marketing, before moving to Human Resources positions in Sales, Engineering, Logistics as well as Manufacturing. She then joined Schneider Electric. Today, Armelle is Chief People Officer at Arkadin.

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