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Using Unified Communications to Scale Globally

Using Unified Communications to Scale Globally

Over the past decade, businesses have become more digital. They are reacting quicker to digital change and adopting technologies that enable them to remain agile, adaptive and profitable. Due to the acceleration of digital technologies, organizations are in competition with one another to ensure they remain ahead. Although competition has increased, opportunities have also increased, with businesses now able to operate on a global scale.

Effective communication is key for growing organizations. To effectively scale globally, they must have the appropriate tools in place to assist interactions between customers, employees and partners. Due to this, many businesses are now investing in Unified Communications (UC) solutions to streamline information sharing, video conferencing and drive productivity across the workforce.

Rewind a few years and businesses would rely on a handful of communication solutions that would allow them to host conference calls and video chats. However, in today’s digital world cloud technology has developed, and internet speeds have become faster, resulting in businesses creating one frictionless network.


Uniting a global workforce

The demand for seamless connection in a business is greater than ever before and without the correct tools in place, managing a global workforce can be challenging. Implementing Unified Communications solutions can help businesses overcome these challenges, helping to drive collaboration regardless of where staff  are based.

Remote working and flexible hours have started to become the norm, with many employees choosing to work for companies that offer this. Adopting solutions that are aimed at connecting these employees can help reassure that all staff feel part of the company no matter their location.


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Enabling rapid communications

One of the main challenges for global companies is remaining connected in order to provide fast responses to customers and colleagues, both remotely and securely. The ability to respond to customer emails quickly is the difference between profits lost or profits earned.

Modern businesses rely on constant communication to succeed. Therefore, all employees need to be equipped with the correct tools to allow rapid communication across multiple devices and platforms. An example of this is web conferencing which can be arranged for a strategic executive meeting whilst an online planner can be used to book the meeting space with your attendance confirmed via an instant message. In short, businesses should utilize a number of communication channels to remain efficient. Thanks to tools such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams, all these channels can be combined in just one single tool.


Productive staff are happy staff 

A successful business is the result of productive and happy staff. This is true no matter the region a company operates within. However, it can present a challenge for businesses operating globally and those having to combat time zones.

With UC, employees can collaborate effectively no matter where they are. As a result, having the tools to access, edit and share files whilst also providing feedback means that employees no longer feel restricted to working from one location. Additionally, this is facilitating the work/life balance due to the ability to collaborate via multiple channels and removing the restriction to work from a desktop computer.


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Enhanced connectivity leading to a new era of Unified Communications 

UC has evolved significantly over the years with new tools and functionalities constantly added to drive business performance and boost employee productivity. Its ability to kickstart business growth on a global scale has inevitably caused UC to experience significant growth, with the number of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) users now surpassing 43 million and tipped to grow by 23% each year until 2023.

With enterprise technology rapidly evolving, the businesses ecosystem is continuing to change. In order to thrive in this increasingly competitive environment, businesses need to adapt to this change by adopting solutions and tools that will enable them to remain competitive and scale globally.


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Christophe is our UCaaS Managing Director. Prior to this position, he was responsible for managing Arkadin Operations in Europe, including CEMEA, since January 2011. He joined Arkadin in 2007 to create the Global Strategic Accounts group (GSA) to address the Fortune 500 Global Enterprises, which included building strategic relationships with vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco WebEx. Prior to Arkadin, Christophe worked for 15 years in the high tech industry in Sales and General Management positions, and lead fast-growing software companies such as Electronic Arts, Criterion Software and XRT.

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