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Unified Communications: Joined-up Business Thinking

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last decade or two, you’ll have noticed that communications have changed. A lot.

Thanks to the Internet, sending a presentation across the world instantly or talking for an hour with people in Singapore, Seattle or Stockholm (or all three at once) is something we take for granted. And the next phase in unleashing the true business power of the Internet is UC – Unified Communications.

Bringing all your business communications together

UC combines telephony and data in a single network. It allows you to use voice, data and video across business applications, and to save IM streams, calls, emails, faxes and videoconferencing sessions as digital packets on your network for easy, consistent access.

Even more importantly for a mobile workforce, UC allows employees to use a single inbox, handset and number for every communication – making life simpler and ensuring they’re always easy to reach. No more guessing whether to contact someone by mail, by phone or mobile – and no more time wasted when you guess wrong.

More than 90% of businesses[1] say they regularly use more than one method of communication to communicate the same message to a single person. UC cuts out the need for such redundancy.

More advanced. More intuitive. More accessibility

UC frees workers to do their jobs more effectively, anywhere. It offers advanced features like short number dialing, especially helpful for a geographically disparate workforce.

It can even ring the desktop phone, PC and mobile simultaneously, increasing the chances of someone picking up the call. Users can start a call on one phone and carry it on with another – no more “I’m just leaving the office. Can I call you back?”

What would be the most important benefit for real-time connectivity

More than 75% of businesses say projects are regularly delayed simply because it’s difficult to reach the people that matter[2] – and 48% say that deadlines are regularly missed as a result[3]. UC saves time, allows more effective decision-making – and increases the service you offer clients.

Presence indicators – like IM status– mean everyone can see the best time to call. And when a call can’t be taken it goes to a single voicemail box – so messages won’t be lost.


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