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Twelve Key Stages in the History of Unified Communications: 48,000bps, $100 per Hour, 4G and BYOD [Infographic]

Web conferencing is now everywhere, but the journey from concept to reality has been a long one – here is the complete history of unified communications

In this infographic we take a look at the history of unified communications; from the very first public video calling service in Germany in 1936 all the way through to the launch of high definition video conferencing tools such as Skype or Facetime and glimpse into what the future holds for seamless, unified, communications. Discover the complete history of unified communications here.

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Ryan O'Reilly is a progressive, visionary leader with 16 years operational experience of managing technical departments, deploying carrier grade IT and Telecommunication infrastructures and delivering world class hosting solutions. Ryan has proven success in defining operational and technical rollout strategies and leading high performance teams to exceed company objectives in highly pressurised, high pace working environments.

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Together we do great things