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Tips to Increase Conversions and Revenue

Get the insight you need from your webinar analytics

When running a marketing campaign, you need some  impressive  analytics to feed back into your CRM/marketing automation tool to justify the investment.

Often, you are only obtaining very basic information in the way of analytics (such as opens and clickthroughs on the call to action), however, this is only a fraction of the insights that can be gained when using  best-of-breed webinar tools on the market.

Marketers tend to use webinars towards the end of their funnels to ensure that only the most qualified leads are attending , rather than targeting  a vast quantity of registrations (none of whom are particularly interested in your service or technology).


Combining webinar analytics and marketing automation

While webinar analytics are useful in themselves, they only become invaluable when delivered to a company’s marketing automation platform.

By capturing your customers’ interactions (such as webinar activity) in a marketing automation platform, you can tailor your email communications to consider every individual’s experience.


The result

By combining analytics from your webinar with your marketing automation your prospects and customers will feel more valued and a greater number of leads will become sales opportunities.

The combination of webinars and marketing automation allows marketers to identify sales-ready leads in real-time and follow up with the most qualified prospects immediately. By integrating webinar and marketing automation platforms, marketers can optimise their marketing programs and accelerate prospects through the buying cycle, transforming them from lead to revenue.


My top tips to follow when delivering a webinar

  • Measure with detailed analytics the direct impact that campaigns have on revenue and profit
  • Rather than spending hours on tweaking the raw data from a spreadsheet, let the platform do the work for you
  • Integrate webinar technology into your marketing and sales CRMs, i.e. Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, & Silverpop, plus many others
  • Understand where their best customers come from and what drives the highest conversion rates: is it a specific campaign, channels, or certain product features?


What our customers said


“Working with Arkadin allowed us to look at a number of different metrics so we were able to demonstrate to our clients the people who downloaded any additional content and the people who had taken part in a poll about immediate feedback from the webinar. These sorts of metrics were really important for our audience, for us as a brand and for our clients – to demonstrate that the value of webinars goes beyond just people tuning in and taking a look”.
George Besly | Dennis Publishing – EMEA Account Director

Want to know how webinars could drive lead gen in your business? Watch our case study.

Tips to Increase Conversions and Revenue for Your Clients

About the author

Will is Northern Europe manager for Digital Events at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. He has been assisting organizations for over 10 years on how to utilize webinars and webcast technologies to communicate internally and externally to mass audiences and specialist groups in the highest quality possible. As such, Will has already helped a number of large global pharmaceutical organizations to implement global webcasting projects with a managed service wrapper, providing advice on their digital success including user journeys, analytics data flows and how the presentation of that data should be viewed by sales teams.

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Together we do great things