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Three Advantages of Web Conferencing: a Winning Combination for Virtual Collaboration

When collaborators around the world need to hold a meeting, conference or seminar or present a project, several virtual solutions exist to help organize and facilitate remote exchanges. Web conferencing is an option widely recognized as a strategic business advantage that leads to increased productivity.

Time savings, cost efficiency, improved interaction and ease of use are only some of the benefits that this revolutionary business tool has to offer.

What is Web Conferencing?

Born in the wake of audio conferencing and video conferencing, web conferencing is a media-rich way to collaborate in real time via the Internet. Remote communication uses a traditional telephone line or VoIP connection along with a PC, laptop, tablet or other connected device and allows for presentation, application, desktop and whiteboard sharing.

1/ All the benefits of a face-to-face meeting…remotely!

Depending on the options you choose, web conferencing offers a complete range of interactive and collaborative tools, including audio conferencing, video conferencing, chat capabilities, PowerPoint presentation, application and file sharing, whiteboard, real-time annotation tools and more.

Accessible via a simple and intuitive interface, these tools allow you to meet and interact with colleagues and simultaneously work on shared documents.

2 / Increased Flexibility and Responsiveness

Most importantly, companies find that web conferencing is convenient and saves time. Employees can attend web meetings from anywhere – home, office and even while traveling. What’s more, virtual meetings can host up to several thousand simultaneous users across multiple sites.

3 / Reduced Travel Costs

Traveling to meet with co-workers, customers or suppliers can make a significant dent in your company’s budget. Web conferencing solutions, tailored to fit your specific business requirements, will reduce both travel time and expense.

A two-hour web conference, for example, might easily take the place of a two-day business trip.

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