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The Road to Success: Behave like a CEO (Part II)


In Part I of this article, I outlined how behaving like a CEO – regardless of current position – can help you progress on the road to success. Here, let’s continue to explore why it is important to consider yourself more than an employee. Instead of envisioning yourself as a role player, view yourself as the head, coach or director. Schedule time to reflect and plan, thinking about matters that are significant to your life. Imitating those who are already on top can help us elevate our own capacity for decision-making and strategic thinking. How does a CEO really behave? What are the traits of truly successful people? Here are some characteristics and qualities to emulate on your climb to the top:

Take Risk

We are often warned to avoid the pitfalls of insecurity. However, opportunity – which we are all seeking – is nearly always accompanied by a certain amount of risk. And without opportunity, there is no possibility for success. Challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone by taking calculated risks. Be smart in what you’re willing to gamble, but remember “No risk, no reward.”

“The key enterprising skills I used when first starting out are the very same ones I use today: the art of delegation, risk-taking, surrounding yourself with a great team and working on projects you really believe in,” Charles Branson.

Be Honest & Positive

As a CEO or business leader, all eyes are on you. You set the pace for employees when it comes to behavior and company values. Far from child’s play, ensuring and even raising the level of ethics while remaining transparent and honest can inspire staff and even customers. Honesty helps build trust among colleagues, employees and clients, motivating all to drive business forward.

Similarly, a positive attitude helps drive business both internally and externally, inspiring confidence in your company. One of the most vital lessons I’ve learned is how important it is for a CEO to think out-of-the-box and demonstrate positive change in order to be successful. My single largest struggle when developing ideas has been to maintain a positive outlook while remaining focused on my vision for the longevity of the project.

Be Team Player

As a CEO, being a team player is not optional. It is mandatory. In order to achieve, you’ll need the help and coordination of many people. On the road to success, a main objective should be to work towards cooperation and teamwork in order for people to continually help you reach your goals. A CEO’s role is not only to take charge, it is also to provide constant support and guidance. Working as a team player means to seek opportunity and solutions in lieu of arguing and criticizing.

The most effective team players I’ve had the experience of working with were those who made multiple suggestions and offers to help others. This focus on collaboration and cooperation motives and sends a clear signal that you’re both well-liked and respected. Everyone loves a helpful hand.

Admit Mistakes

Be willing to admit your mistakes. Everyone missteps now and again, including business leaders and CEOs; but admitting when you’ve erred elicits respect. In situations where transparency and honesty are key, failing to own up to mistakes erodes the trust and credibility that employees have in their leaders. As a business decision maker, being honest and ethical are essential.

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Raj Kumar Sharma is Arkadin's Vice President of Sales for Arkadin India, heading Sales Operations for the country. He is responsible for the strategy and implementation of sales policy for Arkadin India in addition to ensuring over-achievement of revenue. Raj is a seasoned sales and business professional with more than 30 years of experience under his belt, including Sales management, coordination of Large Enterprise business development, complex bids & special projects. Raj is also versed in the management of business alliances, strategic planning & team leadership across a spectrum of verticals, specifically client and partner loyalty. With a post graduate degree in Science and a Doctorate in Management, Raj is highly entrepreneurial and a self-starter, passionate about team building, motivating and getting the best out of the teams.

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