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The Most Inventive Webinars of 2015

A listicle linking to some of the most entertaining and inventive webinars of the last 12 months

Ah, webinars. Full of promise: a connection with audiences across borders, huge collaborative potential and interactive media formats. But in truth, few marketers make the best of them. So what makes a great webinar?

These five have the right idea – and we’re happy to collect them together. Even those aimed at a non-business audience are about business. It’s likely they’ll change your opinion of the humble webinar… and open your eyes to what today’s communication and collaboration software can do: enhance human creativity.

5. Harvard on happiness

A talk in the long-running TED series is our number 5. Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert gave 20 captivating minutes on the science of being happy. Turns out it’s like a superpower – one we can synthesise within ourselves in a few minutes a day!
See Dan Gilbert’s TED talk on happiness >>

4. Bill Gross on what drives successful startups

Another TED talk was one of 2015’s most-watched webinars. Investor Bill Gross enthused about the factors great startups tend to have in common – and not all of them were obvious.
See the TED on what makes a great startup >>

3. Radical relationships redefined, with James Altucher

Your car is a great place for listening to webinars, so some of the best are audio-only. When business maniac James Altucher interviewed reformed “pick-up artist” Neil Strauss, a lightweight subject turned into a deep dive into human relationships.
The Altucher Podcast 148 is here >>

2. Bethesda’s Pete Hines on games design

At gaming’s annual confab E3, Bethesda’s Pete Hines redefined how to launch a long-awaited game. Instead of posed photographs and tech-talk, nearly every minute was packed with actual game footage – leading to one of the most talked-about games launches of all time.
See the E3 presentation by Hines >>

1. Red Bull: inside the tent

At No 1 is a celebration of interactivity from energy drink Red Bull. Instead of a talking head or panel discussion, this webinar brought participants past the velvet rope at a celebrity pool party, complete with DJs and artist soundbites. Information content? Low. But brand value: extraordinary.
See what Red Bull’s hipster webinar included >>

We hope these absorbing ‘casts have given you some ideas for your own webinar plans in 2016. Why not take a look at some of the tools that can help?


  • The most interesting webinars often have the simplest formats
  • A live audience makes a webinar feel bigger and more important
  • Consumer webinars can teach B2B webinars a lot about audience engagement

The one thing all of these webinars have is an ability to connect to their audience, download Marketing’s Connected Business Bundle to boost your communication and make the most of your marketing.


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