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The Meaning of 42 in the UCaaS World

According to the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, universe, and everything.

What is my 42?

When it comes to business administration, 42 is a tenuous and often painful topic for everyone involved – not because the answer is difficult to obtain, but because the question to 42 is illusive. It has no fixed shape. It can be a number of things depending on the time of the day. It could be two different things at 8am and 6pm.

Sound familiar?

That’s because every project is like this at the initiation stage, when problems are identified, a solution to solve the problem is required.

Facing the need to pursue an answer, as the inquisitive human-beings that we are, a research process is sure to ensue. This could include a number of the following ‘research bingo’ items, in no particular order:

  • Analyst reports
  • internet search
  • ask a peer
  • attend networking events
  • attend trade shows
  • industry publications

The list goes on.

But research doesn’t always lead to a tangible next step – without which an answer and outcome is virtually impossible, because broadly speaking, research isn’t a linear process. For many of us, it’s often a sense of urgency that drives the desire to complete a next step, much like the personal case when our well-being is on the line. So, is it because there’s no sense of urgency, that’s why we can’t find 42 when it comes to project deployment? Or is it because we’re not asking the right question to begin with?

To answer this, I drew from my recent experience of when I wasn’t sure if I was dying or not, and flow-charted this out. I start out unsure on the left, but my aim of staying alive & well (my personal 42) is on the right


Unsurprisingly, once I had found my “issue” – research came next, in this case on the internet. The internet kindly informed me I may have Polynesian Cat Flu. So, what are the options?

1) ignore

2) self-medicate

3) see a doctor

This is where the sense of urgency kicks in, driving the decision-making process.

Option 1

If I chose to ignore, I lose some sleep, maybe more research, but ultimately, I’d simply hope it goes away.

Option 2

Self-medicate. As far as ratio goes, there’s a 50/50 chance attached to this

Option 3

See a doctor. Of the 3 options, this is the action that comes with a 100% guarantee on a next step – whether my self-diagnosis turns out to be right or not, during consultation, the doctor, an impartial outsider, is able to ask their own questions and reach their own conclusion. The benefit of which is evident – right or wrong, a remedy is provided, and I arrive at my goal of being alive and healthy.

The UCaaS remedy

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re here looking for 42 around UCaaS. So, to put this back into the 42 we’re here to seek, the ideal outcome is that you make the right decision.

Fight or flight? Fear often prevents us from making the right decision – or making a decision at all. So, when we’re in a business setting – where we can, we want as high a guarantee of success as possible.

If we start to consider the symptoms on the left might be something like ‘is my UCaaS solution mature enough to replace my PBX’, when you see a doctor what they might ask is ‘well actually, are you just deploying another app? Or are you trying to deploy a new way of working?

And if it is, great – then next question might be ‘well have you considered these features?’; ‘Maybe these 3rd parties apps can make your deployment much more effective?’


Because in your personal life, when you don’t feel well you talk to a doctor, so when you’re at work wondering whether you’re making the right decision for the business, why wouldn’t you talk to the experts?


Here’s where SmartClinic comes in, an intimate peer panel chaired by our experts, hosted in Central London and live streamed, so you can register to join the virtual event from anywhere.

Our Advanced Services leadership team will also be there to answer your questions for you to learn from customers’ behavior and experience. During the forum you’ll also meet with other Arkadin customers, your peers, who are going through this journey.

So, why don’t you bring in your top 3 challenges to the SmartClinic where our team of expert can share a unique approach to overcome your challenges. By joining the SmartClinic you’ll have the expertise of our team of 40+ people who does this everyday empowering CIOs to save money and make a cultural impact at your disposal.

Join the next Arkadin’s SmartClinic in our Central London offices or via the virtual event streamed at the same time to find out more about how you can integrate contact centers and video rooms. Don’t suffer in silence! Diagnostic is the beginning. Together we do great things.

Let us help you begin!

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As the Head of the EMEA Demand Centre, Janet leads a team of passionate marketing specialists who strive to empower marketers everywhere to make a real impact. With over 10 years of technology & telco experience, Janet is a strong believer of the common sense approach. In her own words, “it’s great to be feature & process obsessed, but the most challenging part that guarantees success is making it easy – easy to use, easy to understand, easy to follow.

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