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The Hidden Traits of Awesomely Effective Leaders

There are great leaders, and then there are awesomely effective leaders.  The latter are successful visionaries who get stuff done and possibly alter the course of the universe – they are also the people with whom you just can’t get enough of. The ones you love to be around and bask in the awesomeness of their presence. The ones who light up a room when they walk in and make you feel like a better person just because you exist.

What is it about these types of people that makes them so awesome?

They think in “serve” mode

Awesome leaders put other people’s well-being and interests before their own and they know that leading is all about giving and serving. They have all-encompassing human goals. Not just the big hairy audacious goals of successful leaders. They know that it’s not just about bringing their organization to the next level. It’s about making sure that everyone they come in contact with in the process gets to the next level. Clients, vendors, partners, colleagues, employees, janitors, security staff, the FedEx delivery guy… Everyone. Why? Because awesome leaders’ goals are structured around adding value to the lives of others. They nurture relationships, build communities and are concerned with creating a place in which people can do great work. These awesome leaders think in ‘serve’ mode and inhabit the five laws of stratospheric success all day, every day. 

They honor their word

If they tell you they’re going to do something, they do it. And if they can’t do it, they will let you know – ahead of time. And they apologize. Awesome leaders don’t hide and hope that it will just disappear, or that somehow you’ll forget. They own it, and make sure that they communicate with you about their inability to deliver. And they proactively come up with alternative solutions. To these awesome leaders, it’s more than just “keeping a promise”. It’s about giving you their word and honoring it.

They have the ability to figure out what’s really going on

Einstein once said that if he had an hour to save the world, that he’d spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.  This illustrates the importance of understanding what’s really going on in any given situation before coming up with a solution to handle it. Awesomely effective leaders have the ability to take a step back, properly assess a situation from multiple angles, break it down, and thoroughly understand what’s going on before figuring out what to do.

They clean up their messes

We all make mistakes. Awesome leaders understand that. And they know that they aren’t infallible either. It’s part of being human. And that’s ok. If they did something they really shouldn’t have or said something they realize was not in line with their values or principles, or even if they indirectly hurt someone or caused something bad to happen – they make sure that they adress the situation regardless of how uncomfortable it makes them feel. They will have a conversation with the necessary people, acknowledge their mistakes, take accountability for their actions, apologize if needed, and commit to a new, empowering course of action. They never walk away, blame someone else, or turn a blind eye to a mess they’ve made. They clean it up.

They’re authentic

Last but not least is authenticity. Awesomely effective leaders are REAL and don’t pretend. And they want to see you fulfill your greatest potential. They are fully aware that in order to be an awesomely effective leader that they have to believe in everyone else’s talent.

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