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The Digital Workplace: How We Told the Story Through a Video

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It’s a new business world out there, and the people inhabiting it have changed. A younger generation has joined the workforce, bringing with them new priorities and new expectations of what they think work should look – and feel like.


It has become clear to forward-thinking organizations that in order to retain their top talents longer and for employees to be more productive, it is key to allow them to find the right balance between their personal lives and their work lives.


While almost everyone accepts the validity of this concept, it isn’t always easy to make it a reality. The methods of doing so vary from company to company.

At Arkadin, we call this work environment which enables an employee to work from anywhere with any device at any time “the Digital Workplace”. For many, the Digital Workplace is merely a question of technology, but at Arkadin we believe that it is really a philosophy built upon three indissociable pillars.

    1. The first pillar, of course, is the culture of our company. When we encourage Arkadians to find their ideal work-life balance by creating a “work from anywhere” policy, that policy needs to be founded upon a relationship of trust. Our corporate culture can and does provide that trust.


    1. The technology required to make “work from anywhere, anytime” a reality is the second pillar. Having the right solution that will enable a user to be as efficient whether working from a mountaintop, a café, or a boardroom requires understanding what his daily job entails and what tools he needs to complete it – and making them available to him. We do that at Arkadin.


  1. The third pillar is the environment in which the employee works: it needs to evolve in order to allow all new technologies which are provided become completely intuitive. And that’s another thing Arkadin delivers.

Arkadin helps companies make the Digital Workplace a reality by providing the right technology and guiding them as their culture and environment change and evolve. This is a transformation that we’ve successfully completed internally here at Arkadin… a transformation that has made our company a better place to work – while offering more benefits for our clients.

To show how our transformation to the Digital Workplace has enabled Arkadians to find an enhanced work-life balance, we filmed four stories of the kinds of unplanned events that crop up in everyday life at Arkadin (and everywhere else). I hope you’ll enjoy the video.
I’d like to thank my colleagues Faustine, Hugues, Marine, Jonathan, Hiroki, Marie, Veronique, Kamel, Baptiste, Jean-Mathieu & Gaud for starring in the video. I’m sure we’ll see you at the next Césars! And a big thank you to Heko Studio for the superb production quality.

About the author

Antoine Feltz is a Product & Marketing Manager at Arkadin. He participated in the launch of the video business line within Arkadin and has coordinated various launches of video conferencing, Unified Communications and web conferencing offers across Europe. Now based in Atlanta, he is responsible for promoting and supporting activity around video and web business lines. Antoine has an engineering degree in telecommunications and targeted experience delivering and supporting SaaS, which has led to a strong focus on end-user experience and satisfaction.

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