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The 6 worst habits affecting your productivity

A SlideShare offering 6 output-boosting productivity hacks.

Always-on communication and collaboration has a dark side. Done the wrong way, they affect productivity. Taking part in every videoconference and whiteboarding session across the company might solve FOMO anxieties, but it won’t answer your company’s goals … or your personal ones.

For starters, check out this video on productivity.

Fortunately, deep work and collaborative work aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, a bit of critical thinking can make team communication add to the productivity metrics. So instead of the usual list of “best practices”, here are some worst practice tips – six big “don’ts” you can use as productivity hacks to drive up what you get done… without driving yourself up the walls.

Best practice, of course, is great. But see how it’s instructive to look at worst practice, too – with the aim of avoiding it. There are many more productivity hacks for getting the most out of technology. Why not work with your team or talk to an expert to see how these technology hacks can enable you to take back your working day.


  • Communication and collaboration technology is a double-edged sword for productivity.
  • A moment’s thought on Cc’ing can save hours of time.
  • Curating your meetings attendees gets to the Yes faster.
  • Technology doesn’t just enable communication; it keeps a record of it.

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