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The 12 Habits of Highly Effective Collaborators

12 great habits any collaborator needs to practice.

Every HR pro knows that if you work hard and apply skill, you’ll do well whatever you do. But how do you make that success an everyday occurrence, practicing the same principles unconsciously without having to think about them?

You make it a habit.

Habits drive our lives. What’s more in today’s connected world, they drive our communication and collaboration in the workplace. Often, they’re not hard to develop; it’s just a case of repeating simple actions in deliberate sequence every day.

Here are 12 known to work.

Simple rules – and simple to develop, if you just do them. In time they’ll become part of how you operate. And if they work for you, they’ll work for everyone else you collaborate with. Here’s another paper that explores collaborative culture in depth! The connected business: Generating a collaborative culture, how to build innovation.


  • Great collaboration is the result of great habits
  • Best practice can become everyday habit – if you want it to
  • Technology is there to support collaboration, not drive it
  • Great leaders are also great collaborators
  • Workplace communication isn’t all about work


Boost collaboration across your enterprise, download The connected business: Generating a collaborative culture, how to build innovation


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Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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Together we do great things