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Virtual events: how an eCDN will support your network when people return to the office

Virtual events are here to stay. But simultaneous streams could consume all your office internet bandwidth and impact your network. We look at how an eCDN can help you avoid these issues.

Meet our September winners: the North America Virtual Events Engineering team

In September, a whole team came into the ‘Go the Extra Mile’ spotlight, thanks to their incredible cohesive spirit. Johnny Perkins, Katie…

What do hybrid events mean for your in-person and virtual events strategy?

With physical and virtual events set to converge, Natasha Davies highlights vital considerations you should make in planning your hybrid events strategy.

Better information and better conversation mean better transformation

Our new website aims to help you: to find the information, to start the conversations, to make the decisions. And to achieve your desired business outcomes.

How to involve sponsors or partners in your virtual events

If you are planning a virtual event, you may wish to monetize it. Doing so can allow you to offset your costs…

Why the virtual events user experience matters – and how to achieve it

When you decide to hold a virtual event, you’re making a statement of intent. You’re creating something more than just a series…

Why you need specialist production for your virtual events

Looking to run a virtual event? If so, do consider specialist production support. It’s the ultimate way to secure the best experience…

Together we do great things