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Remote working: is your organization ‘winging it’ or winning it?

Learn how our Rapid Response solution using Cisco Webex can quickly provide the perfect platform if you need to enable remote-working staff to collaborate and communicate effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Can’t travel? Stay connected and productive, despite disruptions

No matter how carefully we plan, things can go wrong, and often due to circumstances beyond our control. When large numbers of people can’t travel to work, meetings, or events, it can really hurt a business and the wider economy. However, there are still ways to stay connected and productive.

Teleworking: transforming the Japanese workforce

With overworking and long commuting hours very prevalent in Japanese corporate culture, remote working – and other flexible work arrangements – could help reduce these issues, and increase productivity.

When Going the Extra Mile is Going Too Far

We’re told throughout our lives – especially once we begin our careers – that “going the extra mile” is the road to excellence. The way to shine…

Work – Something you do, not a place you go!

Are you working for a company that still insists you’re at the office every day? It amazes me in this age to…

“Quick, look busy!” The death of social hierarchy in the workplace

Remote working is tearing down obsolete office hierarchies. This blog explores why. Making your workplace more “human” is easy, right? Just paint…

Green and on the go: Actioning environmental prosperity through tech

The remote working revolution is red hot…but is it green? Our new blog explores its environmental impact. Remote and flexible working is…

Together we do great things