Arkadin is one of 28 remarkable companies coming together to create a leading global technology services company. From 1 October 2019, Arkadin will start its journey to fully rebrand to NTT. For more information about our transition to the NTT brand, visit
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Christopher Lee Purvis, Digital Learning Guru

The Global Digital Learning Project Manager of the Cloud Communications division of NTT has only been with us for a year, but…

Learn Almost Anything Faster with These Five Simple Steps

Upon completing his two-page theory of relativity that would change the world, Albert Einstein wrote to his son to inspire him with…

Five Websites That Can Make You Seriously Smarter

Discover 5 very special websites that are great resources for helping people make better decisions, learn more, and be more creative

Arkadin Employee Stories: Using Technology to Teach

Discover how technology can be used to empower and teach others. I’m a qualified teacher with 100s of hours of standing up,…

Collaboration Tools For Marketers Who Want To Excel

Marketing is almost as much to do with technology as the nuts and bolts of communication. By all means use the old…

The Joy of Failure

10,000. That’s how many different prototypes Thomas Edison eliminated before perfecting his light bulb. Later he famously said “I have not failed…

Learning at the Speed of Business: The 70:20:10 Path

Interestingly, we humans tend to learn 70% of what we need to do our jobs well directly from work-related experiences. We learn…

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Together we do great things