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How to connect and engage your frontline workers using Microsoft Teams

Frontline workers are often underserved when it comes to digital transformation. Here’s why – and how – you can empower this vital part of your workforce.

Unsichere Zeiten erfordern digitale und virtuelle Events

Egal aus welcher Region Sie kommen, die aktuelle Covid-19 (Corona-Virus) Situation hat mit Sicherheit auch Ihr Leben beeinflusst, sowohl privat als auch…

Ces temps incertains incitent à passer aux événements digitaux

Selon l’endroit où vous vous trouvez dans le monde, la menace du coronavirus Covid-19 pourrait bien avoir commencé à influer sur votre…

Collaboration, communication – and Coldplay: reducing your carbon footprint

Decreasing your carbon footprint doesn’t mean reducing your interactivity with your clients, partners and prospects. As Coldplay has recently proved, you can reach your audience no matter where you are.

5 Top Tips for Pharma Webinars

1. Make the most of tools available to engage and understand your audience The 2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report for Life Sciences lists…

Wellness at Work: Five Trends to Help Companies Thrive in 2019

What do we mean by “wellness at work”? For starters, it’s about far more than mere physical wellness. It concerns all of the components of employee wellness, including physical…

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Together we do great things