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Hybrid working: Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead?

We’ve helped clients enable a hybrid workplace with world-class comms and collaboration tools. What are the challenges and opportunities they now face?

Virtual events: how an eCDN will support your network when people return to the office

Virtual events are here to stay. But simultaneous streams could consume all your office internet bandwidth and impact your network. We look at how an eCDN can help you avoid these issues.

As the world transforms, employee experience rejuvenates the workplace

As a hybrid workforce becomes the new norm, employee experience can both rejuvenate the workplace and ensure your organization’s long-term success.

Why employee experience is key to your workplace communications strategy

It’s not enough to ensure your communication and collaboration tools support business goals. You must also be able to deliver a superb Employee Experience.

Embrace Microsoft Teams and transform how your company collaborates

We all rely on communication technologies and collaboration tools. Yet, if your organization is adopting hybrid working, you’ll need to accommodate both…

How to connect and engage your frontline workers using Microsoft Teams

Frontline workers are often underserved when it comes to digital transformation. Here’s why – and how – you can empower this vital part of your workforce.

How intelligent technology is reshaping the future of the workplace

The pandemic forced a fast and widespread shift to how we work. Remote working and the home office became the norm –…

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Together we do great things