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Too many vendors? Too many contracts? It’s time to simplify your collaboration

Is your organization’s ability to collaborate hampered by complicated licensing? Let’s look at why you should look to simplify your collaboration. Improved…

Hybrid working and the ‘coronacoaster’

This year several new buzzwords have been added to our lexicon. One such phrase, coronacoaster, is something we’re all experiencing. This term neatly describes the ups and downs of what’s been…

Remote working: is your organization ‘winging it’ or winning it?

Learn how our Rapid Response solution using Cisco Webex can quickly provide the perfect platform if you need to enable remote-working staff to collaborate and communicate effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Enabling Communication in the Digital Workplace – I.T’s Role in a Brave New World

In the age of the digital workplace, I.T has a key role to play in enabling communication among an increasingly geographically diverse…

I.T & HR BFFs – Data Security through Collaboration

I.T, discover why joining forces with HR and becoming a power couple is the key to keeping your data safe. A long…

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Together we do great things