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A big plus! Discover Support+, our new service for Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex

Support+ providing 24/7/365 care and support

Support+ is a new offering from the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. We talk to Javier Fontenla, Product Marketing Manager, Americas to find out more.

In brief, what is Support+?

In a few words, Support+ is a simple, proactive support and care package for clients using Microsoft Teams and/or Cisco Webex. It’s a comprehensive support service that includes three main aspects.

Firstly, clients get a single point of contact for incident management.

Secondly, they have experts on hand to deliver all MACDs (moves, adds, changes, deletes). This reduces internal resource requirements.

Thirdly, they get access to expert advice, including a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Their role is to review detailed reports and help clients make wise decisions for their business.

Why did you introduce this service?

What we see is that many clients do not have the expertise or the time to do what needs doing at the speed they need it done.

In offering this service we can be responsive to client needs. They can focus on their core business areas without needing to be expert in the ever-changing world of unified communications and Cloud Voice technology.

Is this a totally new service or an expansion of an existing one?

We have always provided support to clients using our voice services but, until now, not across both Cisco and Microsoft to this premium level. Support+ is available for clients using Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, so whichever a client uses – or if they use both – the service offers consistency. It is also ideal for those clients who are migrating from one to the other.

What has the reaction been to the new service since its launch?

Support+ is something we have launched based on many conversations with clients and being responsive to what they needed. Clients that are moving to the cloud are doing so to transform their business. And in part, this is to reducing operational complexity. Given the research we did and discussions we had, the reaction from clients has been – as expected – very positive. Support+ keeps things simple for clients and allows them to focus on what really matters to them. NTT will take care of the rest!

With incident management, why is coming to us a better option? Why not deal with the problem yourself?

It can seem like it is better to be closer to the problem – perhaps to feel more in control. However, when you have less hardware, and instead have everything managed in the cloud, what you really need are experts with access and who can securely and efficiently act as needed.

The reality is that there are many different types of incidents. We offer not only breadth of expertise but also depth of knowledge and experience in how to resolve problems. There is very little if anything that we will not have seen before or know how to deal with.

Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are very user-friendly solutions, but have many nuances and hidden complexities. Even more so when you also consider the telephony aspects. Our in-depth expertise means clients don’t have to continually worry about complex settings or unexpected consequences that can might develop.

What’s more, as top-tier partners with Cisco and Microsoft, we have an excellent relationship with them, as you would expect. Should we need to escalate an issue, clients can rest assured the issue will get the quickest possible resolution.

How responsive is Support+?

As a global business, supporting enterprise clients around the world, we offer a 24/7/365 service. The beauty of this is that when there are urgent incidents we can act immediately. We have access to high-level experts to resolve matters. Clients will also find it very beneficial with routine MACDs because we ensure things are actioned ultra-efficiently.

With Support+ you get the backing of a whole team for your organization. They are working for you the whole time – and of course specifically when you have changes you wish to make. For clients, it means you can focus less internal resource on this. And, you can have exactly the service you need, as and when you need it.

There are often new options. New calling plans, bundles, licences, and countries added. How do you ensure clients stay on top of all the options?

This is perhaps one of the biggest pluses of Support+. We are our clients’ trusted partner – and dedicated to their success. We give every client their own dedicated Customer Success Manager. This person is your day-to-day contact should you need them. They will also meet with you monthly to review your account and help you with new options and possibilities.

What is the additional cost for adding Support+?

The additional cost depends on the number of users we are supporting. It works like a subscription, along with your licences. It is a very small monthly fee, billable per user, per month.

Final question: Is Support+ only for clients where NTT has worked on their transformation? Or can clients already using Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex benefit from NTT’s support as well?

We have designed Support+ for clients that want to reduce operational complexity. So, yes, if you like the idea of this – having everything under control and in the hands of a single, global, trusted partner – then do get in touch.


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Javier is passionate about products and heavily interested for emerging trends and marketing in the communications industry. He’s been leading Product Marketing at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. for the last eight years, launching several products and training sales teams across the Americas.

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