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This is what webinars are really used for [Infographic]

Infographic giving an overview on the use of webinar services in 2017

An infographic on the use of webinar and webcasting services in 2017

Digital events such as webinars and webcasts have become an integral part of today’s business world. Lead generation, internal communication, training and investor relations are just a few of the activities frequently conducted online. Given the importance of these events for a company’s success, businesses often turn to third parties such as Arkadin to manage their event and ensure a highly professional execution.

The number of professionally managed webinars and webcasts is growing

Overall, the number of professionally managed webinars and webcasts is growing. The reasons for this are manifold. First and foremost the continued trend towards a remote workforce challenges companies to keep all employees informed. The same applies to stakeholders who are often distributed all over the world and continuously need to be educated about the company’s strategy. Due to these challenges combined with a need to reduce travel costs, businesses seek solutions to hold even strategically important meetings online rather than in person. A flawless execution of these events is essential to any company’s reputation. However, in-house employees often lack the necessary skills to guarantee this, especially as technology advances at rapid speed. That’s where professional services come in.

Who exactly profits from managed webinars and webcasts? And how do they use them?

We’ve looked at 30,000 managed webcasts and webinars organized by Arkadin during the past two years. Findings show which industries make the most use of professionally managed digital events and how the usage is changing. Here are the key findings:

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  1. tomohiko nakata

    many thanks for your great work. this infographic is very beautiful and simple to understand.

    One question here is what is the difference between “webcast” and “webinar” in this scenario?

    My understanding is “webcast = large/one way”, “webinar = small/ some parts are interactive”, but most of the people I face do not distinguish which is which. so it might be a good idea to define it.

    thanks and best regards

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