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Searching for just the right employee? A remote video conference is key!

Searching for just the right employee? A remote video conference is key!

At one point or another, we’ve all been on a telephone interview either as the candidate or the recruiter. When compared to a face-to-face interview, something is missing from that experience.

When you conduct an interview, seeing a person’s expressions, body language, mannerisms… all these things tip you off as to whether or not he or she is a good fit for your team. You don’t get the benefit of those first impressions when conducting an audio-only interview.

But what happens when the best candidate on paper is in a different city … or even a different country?

Fortunately, with today’s collaboration technology, recruiters can still conduct a face-to-face interview, getting all the information you need along with that visual impression that’s so important to making good hiring decisions.

A remote interview uses video conferencing technology to set up a conversation between your hiring team and prospective candidates, even when you’re recruiting remotely. Using collaboration services and technology, your team can conduct a more thorough and engaging interview of all your top candidates without location being an issue.

Beyond being able to visualize candidates, employing collaboration technology like video conferencing in your remote recruiting delivers several other benefits that you may not have considered:

1. Broaden Your Hiring Horizons

In some cases, it is difficult to find a local candidate who is qualified for the position you need to fill. This can be especially true in areas that have a stronger economy. In North Dakota, for example, the local oil boom has made the area desperate for more workers. If you can’t find the talent you need within a 25-mile radius, it may be time to search a little further afield.

With a remote interview process, you make it easier—and more affordable—to reach out to talent in other locations. This increases the odds that you’ll hire the best person for the job who is also the right fit for your company.

When that happens, you land an employee who is more likely to stay with your company for longer, which means you get a bigger return on the investment of your hiring costs.

2. Save Time Through Pre-Qualification

Your face-to-face, first impression of a person will tell you a lot. You’ll get a much better picture after a five-minute conversation whether this person will be a good addition to your company … or on the other hand, you might observe right away that he or she will never fit in.

Rather than taking the time, effort and expense of conducting several full, on-site interviews with candidates who are a good fit only on paper, you can conduct brief, first-round video-conferencing interviews to help you pre-qualify the very best candidates.

3. Reduce Your Cost-Per-Hire

If, through remote recruiting, you find a great candidate, the travel expenses associated with interviewing in person can skyrocket your cost per hire. Conducting a remote interview instead will help to rein in those costs.

You can use this strategy to control cost-per-hire which will allow you to interview more potential candidates for the same budget. Then, you’ll increase your odds of finding and hiring the best person.

4. Create a More Positive Hiring Experience

First impressions aren’t just important to you. They are also important to the person that you are interviewing. A remote interview shows that you are a tech-savvy company, that you find creative solutions to common business problems, and that you respect the time and comfort of the people you are interviewing.

When you make a positive impression during the hiring process, you will help to create a happy employee from day one. And that’s good for business and the bottom line.

5. Make Scheduling Easier

The hiring process is tough, in part, because it demands time from your team that they don’t always have.

Using collaboration technology to conduct remote interviews gives you greater flexibility to work with everyone’s schedules. If one of your hiring team is traveling, for example, you don’t have to delay the interview. She can participate in the remote interview from anywhere.

Remote interviews increase the odds of finding and hiring great people while reducing the costs and stress for the hiring team and for the candidates … that’s a win for everyone.

About the author

Suzanne Smith is the Director of Human Resources for Arkadin North America, based in Atlanta, GA. She is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction of company human resources functions, policies and processes that help drive growth and maximize achievement of short and long-term business goals. As a member of the senior leadership team, Suzanne develops and communicates strategies to support a capable, engaged and energetic employee community. Suzanne has held various HR leadership positions where she has designed and implemented human resource programs that attract, engage and retain key talent and drive business success. Outside of the office, Suzanne enjoys cooking and attending live music, sports and cultural events.

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