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Room to Grow: The World’s Top 10 Collaborative Workspaces

A listicle detailing 10 super co-working spaces around the world.


Where shall we meet? For today’s communicating, collaborating, teamwork-driven knowledge worker, “place” can be an abstract concept. When web conferencing, video calling, or whiteboarding, the “where” is more a state of mind than a geographical location.

But place still matters. And for some globally distributed and virtual businesses, it matters more. Such businesses often take up residence in shared co-working spaces that allow opportunities for chance meetings, odd encounters, and off-topic chats… all of which can lead to new business relationships.

Wherever it happens, it’s collaborative. So we thought we’d put together a list of the world’s top workspaces with an eye on productive coworking. Enjoy this peek into workspaces that are better by design.


While these collaborative workspaces succeed for different reasons, they all have a few things in common. Refreshing spaces, chances to chat, a choice of ways to interact. The environment people collaborate in matters. Get it right, and you’ve cooked up the secret sauce of innovation.

And that’s what closer collaboration often leads to. New ideas, fresh insights, and better products and services for you to offer your customers.



  • Effective collaboration is often about the opportunities for chance encounters
  • Workspaces designed for collaboration often lead to innovation
  • Good architectural design can enable closer collaboration


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