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Retaining millennial talent with Video conferencing

Millennials have high expectations of a modern workplace and video conferencing can help to meet them.

So you’ve successfully recruited that promising young employee that six of your competitors were gunning for.

Now for something far harder: retaining that millennial talent and ensuring they’re delivering ROI.

After all, it takes over six months for a new hire to become properly productive. Anything from the attitude of team mates to a badly-sited desk can lengthen it.

A huge part of that learning curve is communication. Not just the formality of inductions and reviews, but the ad-hoc parts. Like:

  • Introductions to co-workers across the globe
  • Granting access to their managers and mentors
  • How you allow them to use their personal devices

Here’s a thought: what if video conferencing could help to address these issues?

It’s a technology that the millennial generation knows already, at least in principle. (If they’re not on Skype they’ll be using Facetime.) Apps like Instagram and Vine contribute: this is a generation relaxed about appearing in person over the internet. Their online profiles include uploaded selfies and shared video clips.

So in the induction stage, video conferencing works for initial introductions. Set your new hire up with video conferencing software and a preloaded contact list. Arrange a series of peers and mentors around your organisation to offer a few quick orientation sessions and well wishes.This doesn’t just fulfill an induction requirement; it connects them to a network.

Millennials like to keep their interactions freeform, so you could also open up video conferencing for regular use of catch-ups with people around the world. Video conferencing will also enable your millennial employee to connect with other people in the same job function, or who are six months further down the career track. If your employee feels they have friends in your company, they’re more likely to stay for the long term.

Further along, video conferencing also works for training – and it’s a lot more natural to millennial talent than three-ring binders. If you format your training as short snippets, accessible in context with a longer video presentation, it’s a great way for new hires to perform. Make sure you keep those sessions interactive.

The next area video conferencing can help with is work/life balance. Millennials see flexible working as a major employer benefit. If conferencing lets you give employees an occasional work-from-home day, offer it. It’s a great way to retain smart people who may appreciate being trusted to work unsupervised. Lastly, remember why it’s worthwhile treating millennial talent with respect. In less than a decade they’ll be 75% of the workforce. Start off on the right foot, with technologies they like – such as video conferencing – and your new starter today may even be with your company at that time.


  • Video conferencing fits with millennial experience (think FaceTime and Vine!)
  • Offering flexible working is a great way to retain people
  • Coming face-to-face with peers around the world brings your employees closer
  • Video is a natural way to deliver training to the millennial generation
  • Retain your millennial talent with video conferencing

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Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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