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Remote working: is your organization ‘winging it’ or winning it?

remote working

Where is your organization right now?

I don’t mean physically – because like me and millions of others, you’re probably working remotely.

No, I mean where are you in terms of enabling your teams to work together successfully?

  • Do you have a perfect solution? One that is allowing your teams to work efficiently together, and that can serve you well over the coming months and whatever comes with any ‘new norm’?
  • Or are you instead some weeks in, working with a make-shift solution and working around its limitations?
  • Perhaps you are mid-way through a free-trial offer, and wondering what to do next, when it ends?
  • Do you still need to get to grips with a long-term business continuity solution?

The fact is many organizations are still struggling to put a long-term business continuity plan in place. They don’t have a common platform that enables their remote-working staff to collaborate or communicate effectively, efficiently, securely.

And they need one quickly!

So how do you get from ‘winging it’ to winning it? How can you put in place a stable, secure platform and gain control over costs?

A quickly-enabled, guaranteed solution

This is where our Rapid Response with Cisco Webex solution comes into play. It can provide you with a guaranteed, quickly-enabled and fully supported platform, with the full feature set and benefits of the Cisco Webex suite.

Crucially, it’s an enterprise-ready suite that can deliver a powerful, efficient, and secure solution for these ongoing uncertain times – and it can continue to deliver for future ways of working, whatever it may look like.

It’s been designed by us – the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., to support businesses that don’t yet have a secure business continuity service in place, but need to move on from where they are right now. Making do with makeshift solutions may be fine up to a point, but not when it leads to ever-escalating costs, security concerns, a lack of internal cohesion, loss of productivity, or reduced customer experience.

As one of Cisco’s leading Webex and Calling service providers, we can ensure you are up and running with a full meetings and collaboration platform – and cloud telephony too.

And have it fully operational within just ten working days!

A secure platform for effective meetings and team collaboration  

Our Rapid Response with Cisco Webex solution gives your users a full suite of easy-to-use and productive communications and collaboration tools. This includes Webex Meetings which will, as the name suggests, enable your workforce to run video – or audio only – meetings and calls. These can be with colleagues or external guests. It also gives you access to Webex Teams, enabling easy collaboration with colleagues: sharing files, chat messaging, audio and video, and the all-important presence status which helps you communicate and collaborate at mutually convenient times.

The main benefit of this double-up is that you don’t need to be hopping between different platforms all the time. You can just ping someone a chat message in Teams to see if they are free, and then switch seamlessly to an online call or meeting, as need be. You get a much richer experience, and it’s all possible via one single ‘pane of glass’.

Cloud telephony – adding agility and slashing call costs – is ideal for remote working

Taking it a stage further, we can also enable Webex Calling, using our Cloud Voice solution. It’s a full telephony service, and PSTN (traditional phone system) replacement. This effectively ‘extends’ each employee’s office desk to the home. Once enabled, every person in the organization can make and take regular phone calls to any destination – landline or mobile – just using their home internet connection.

Your organization may not have previously considered this an urgent need. However, now that it’s clear that these ‘temporary’ remote working arrangements are likely to continue for a fair while longer, it really can play a crucial part in any business continuity plan. No matter where your employees are, they will now have a user-friendly, flexible and cost effective way to make and take calls. And it gives you the means to provide a seamless service to the outside world.

Work from anywhere, on any device

Now, instead of everyone working in isolation, ramping up their mobile phone usage, your whole organization is connected. Customer calls can be handled efficiently and accurately, and routed as required. If colleagues are off-duty, or otherwise unavailable, calls can be automatically diverted to another person; again, no matter their location.

As a fully licenced telephone operator, we can provide everyone with their own fixed direct number. This number can with a user and can be used whether at home, or in the office or on the road in the future. Employees can make or take calls from a computer or from their smartphone or tablet, so are now perfectly future-proofed, irrespective of device, location, or working pattern.

Set-up is inexpensive and fast; and all calls to colleagues on the service are through the cloud and free, with the cost of external calls can be controlled via our range of extremely competitive rates and call plans. These can be chosen to suit different user profiles, and as needs grow, or situations change, new numbers can be added, removed, or reassigned as required; easily and quickly.

Adapt now – and you’re ready for the future

Wherever your organization is, the truth is that no-one knows exactly what the new norm will look like. What seems a safe bet though, is that most enterprises will need to cater for more remote and flexible ways of working, and will need to provide the tools to enable people to work from wherever they are. With this solution, everyone in your organization can quickly be given an optimised, efficient office experience. It’s an enterprise-ready solution with Cisco’s world-leading security built in.

What’s more, as the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd., we can provide it not just to existing clients not yet using any Cisco services, but also to organizations that are new to us. So do get in touch.

A guaranteed remote-working solution within ten days

As part of our initial engagement, we’ll arrange a remote workshop. In this, our engineers will quickly get to grips with your needs, assess the scope of your requirements, and provide you with a recommendation based on your specific business. It could be just for Webex Meetings and Teams or could also include Webex Calling. We’ll then work closely with you to put everything in place – supporting and guiding you through the process. And delivering within that window of ten working days.

At this time of acute need for business continuity, our Rapid Response with Cisco Webex solution not only delivers for the here-and-now, but sets you up with a future-proofed platform.

If you’re looking to enable your staff to work efficiently, effectively, securely and remotely….if you’re ready to move on from improvised, unsupported and expensive solutions…if you need to move quickly and be ready for whatever the future holds….then our Rapid Response solution really does live up to its name.

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Gary is Cisco Alliance Manager at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.

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