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A customer-centric career: Remitha Hermia, Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers are an essential part of our organization. They are here to find new opportunities in target markets and establish relationships with potential clients and customers. In this way, for many people. they are the face of the company.

Remitha Hermia joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT in 2017. Although it’s her first sales role, she is passionate about it and has secured partnerships with a number of large enterprises.

We took the time to meet with Remitha to find out more about her role and her experience with the Cloud Communications division of NTT.

Q. How do you stay on top of emerging trends in your business area?

To keep up-to-date I regularly attend partners’ and competitors’ webinars and programs. It allows you to always know what’s new and what they offer. I also take time to interact with customers’ functions across industries.

Q. In your video, you explain that you don’t have a sales background. Why do you think you are being so successful, despite this lack of experience?

I come from a customer relationship management role, so I already had the customer-centric approach. I personally love putting myself in clients’ shoes when I solve an issue or attend to any of their needs. This helped me grow my presence among partners.

Q. What’s the best project you’ve worked on since joining us?

I think it was the Cisco IP Telephony Project for Larsen and Toubro Group. It was really a steep learning curve. I had the chance to create a strategic partnership with OEM and the customer and I helped to establish a strong, long-term client relationship.

Q. How do you approach new opportunities with potential clients?

When I reach out to potential clients, I make sure to position the added value of the Cloud Communications division of NTT. That way, they can see how NTT is different from our competitors, and how we can help them in the long run.

Q. If you could swap jobs with someone else in the company, who would you choose?

I’d like to try the role that my colleague Annick Koo holds: Strategic Account Director. It must be interesting to be in her shoes. She owns a set of accounts and builds long-term relationships, strategically thinking about the partnerships.  

About the author

Margot Legars joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. at the end of 2019 as Junior Internal & Employer Community Manager. After finishing a degree in communications and product management at Paul Valéry University (Montpellier, France) she spent six months in Dublin (Ireland) to expand her professional experience beyond France. She currently works in the Internal Communications team, led by Magali Dos Santos, which creates, organizes and runs international programs and communications, and develops the employer brand.

Together we do great things