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Read This and Never Feel Envious of Your Vacationing Coworkers Again

“What’s the worst thing about summer?” If you ask most people who work in an office, they’ll usually say in a pained tone of voice, “Me having to work while everyone else is away having fun.”

Well, we have surprising news for you. Everyone else may be out, but they’re not necessarily havingfun”! While it isn’t very nice to imagine that your colleagues are having terrible vacations, the awful truth is that summer is chock-full of downsides.

Here are ten reasons for you to be glad you’re in a pleasant air-conditioned office rather than at, say, a crowded beach or a music festival or visiting the world’s number one tourist destination right now.

  1. There are no toilets anywhere. Amusement parks, beaches, festival grounds, ancient villages, county fairs, road trips: these are all well and good but where to go when you need to go?
  2. Everything and everyone’s a bit smelly. Ah, the delicious scents of summer! Food + crowds + heat = yuck! Stinky stuff is everywhere in vacationland: trash cans overflowing with fast-food wrappers, people sweating in their damp T-shirts and bathing suits, clashing odors from a dozen restaurants….
  3. Every single child is sticky. They’re either covered in bug repellent, sunscreen, or melted ice cream, and they can’t wait to trip over something and grab your nice clean dress to keep from falling.
  4. There’s sand (or worse) in everything. In your shoes, your bed, your hair, your purse, your food, your socks, your… well, some places shouldn’t be mentioned.
  5. The world is filled with bugs. Wasps and mosquitoes adore the summer! They also like to sting and bite! And if you dare to have a picnic, ants will join you to share your food, and bees will gather round your wineglass to add to the fun.
  6. You’re constantly pressured to do stuff. You’re on vacation! You can’t waste a single second! Visit a museum, check out the local fun fair, play board games with people you’ve never seen before, ride a camel, horse, donkey, moped, bicycle built for two, whatever, it’s your only chance to sit down!
  7. No matter what you do, do it outdoors. No, you cannot stay inside to watch the news, or stream your favorite web series, or have a nap, or eat a meal in peace. Are you mad? You must go outside and live the al fresco life like the dedicated vacationer you are.
  8. There are shirtless guys everywhere. Even in the supermarket! And it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, especially in the grocery aisle.
  9. There will be sunburn. The worst thing about sunburn isn’t the actual pain. It’s knowing you could have avoided it. If you had just worn a shirt, stayed in the shade, or put on sunblock… But noooo, you had to stand in the sun at the barbecue like a boss. Well done. (Get it?)
  10. You will lose things. You’ll misplace your expensive sunglasses and have to buy new ones. You’ll somehow lose one of your flip-flops. You’ll forget your phone at lunch and be unable to find the restaurant where you ate to get it back. Your kids will lose their toys, towels, socks, hats, and bathing suits. And you may lose your mind.

Despite all this, when you get back to work, we bet you’ll only remember the good stuff: the blue skies, the endless days, the starry nights, that odd but delicious dish that might have been squid you tried, the people you met, and the fun you had. At least, that’s what you’ll tell your coworkers 😉




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