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Feeling empowered: Elaine Riley’s career and accomplishments

‘I’m passionate about how the technology we promote can empower everyone to be the best they can be.’ Elaine Riley talks about her career and motivations.

Meet our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner of 2021: Oliver Pruden, Solutions Consultant

In January, our people selected amongst their colleagues our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner of 2021. Our winner, Oliver Pruden is…

How to use technology to improve accessibility and inclusion in the workplace

There are a billion people living with disabilities in the world. Yet, from those with impairments who are reliant on wheelchairs and…

Teamwork and training: the essence of Gourav Kajal’s career development

Gourav Kajal began working for the Cloud Communications division of NTT at the start of 2019. Having joined in a Web Developer…

Top 10 cloud communications and workplace trends in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. It has lasting and multifaceted implications on the way we work, the workforce and…

Discover our three 2020 Values Winners: Daniel Andriolo, Amin Basri & Nicolas Belleville

In 2020 we launched our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ program which allows employees and managers to recognize co-workers who have demonstrated…

How to ensure the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams – and avoid confusion and chaos

A look at the challenges that, as cloud communications experts, we often encounter – and some real world examples of common pitfalls that you must avoid.

Together we do great things

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