Arkadin is now operating as the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. Together we do great things

How to support your employees’ return to a post-lockdown workplace

Many organizations assume that, despite the threat of the ongoing health crisis, the current remote working arrangements are only temporary. The truth…

An always-listening Customer Success Manager: Ardell Strother and his career path

A few months ago, Ardell Strother joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.’s family as Customer Success Manager. Having worked in…

How to shift from physical to virtual events

When physical events can’t happen, virtual events can. Here’s how to successfully shift online and offer a creative, engaging and successful alternative.

From local to global: the career path of Abby Stachon-Groblowy, Global Customer Experience Manager

As Global Customer Experience Manager, Abby Stachon-Groblowy leads a team of four. They oversee the customer journey, providing top-quality support every step…

How to prepare to be a post-lockdown workplace

Even after lockdowns are lifted, the risk of the ongoing health crisis persists. We may all want life to return to ‘normal’…

Meet our April ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winners, Djamel Ouikene and Maurizio Agnino

Today the spotlight shines on Djamel Ouikene and Maurizio Agnino, our ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winners for April. Djamel, Director of the…

Together we do great things

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