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The multipurpose career of Jeremy Ory, Strategic Planning Manager

If you’ve got questions about technology infrastructure and your long-term strategy for it, you should ask Jeremy Ory, Strategic Planning Manager. His…

How intelligent technology is reshaping the future of the workplace

The pandemic forced a fast and widespread shift to how we work. Remote working and the home office became the norm –…

Ludmila Malard: from Brazil Cash Collection to Business Analyst for the Americas

Ludmila Malard, Business Analyst, joined the company seven years ago. She started in the cash collection team in Brazil but quickly moved…

The challenges and evolution of Ollie Clapinson’s career, Head of OneCloud

If you look at Ollie Clapinson’s career within the Cloud Communications division of NTT, you’ll easily see its impressive evolution. In just…

What’s the cost of not digitally transforming?

Already a key strategic initiative, the need for digital transformation took on heightened importance in the wake of COVID-19. Some companies, however,…

Cisco Webexが思う以上のものである5つの理由

Cisco Webexは、高い品質の会議エクスペリエンスをもたらすとして長い間業界標準であり続けていますが、この数年で多くの変更がありました。Webexスイートは、これまで以上に魅力的なビジネスツールに進化しました。素晴らしい機能が多すぎて全部を追いきれないほどです。

Cisco Webexとカスタマーサクセスが切り離せない3つの理由

Cisco Webexは堅牢なセキュリティを誇るWeb会議サービスの世界的デファクトスタンダードとして始まり、今やビジネスチャットや音声通話、豊富なデバイス群も含む高度なクラウドUCに進化しました。

Together we do great things

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