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The Arkadin Buddy Program: Onboarding Made Easy

Joining a new company is challenging for anyone: you have to suddenly adapt to a new workplace environment and culture, all while meeting dozens of new people (not to mention…

How do unified communications influence the modern workplace?

There’s no excuse for the modern workplace to have avoided migrating to the cloud – or at least to have begun its journey.

The Exemplary Career Path of Tan Kok Sen

Tan Kok Sen joined our company nine years ago. His career progression was rapid, thanks to the many opportunities (and challenges) offered…

Five Traits of an Intelligent Workplace

An intelligent workplace is one which embraces new innovation and has its finger on the pulse of new technology trends – a…

Congratulations to Gina Hedberg, our August 2019 Values Employee of the Month

Gina Hedberg is Arkadin’s IS Manager for the Americas. She’s been with Arkadin for 7 years… or, if you look at it a different way, for 18 years… …

The unfortunate case of best practices

“Best practice” – alongside other popular clichés such as breaking down silos, moving the needle, and my personal “favorite” (not) – low…

Together we do great things

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