Arkadin is now operating as the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. Together we do great things

The career path of Cindi Hene, experienced and caring Employee Success Manager

With 16 years of experience at the Cloud Communications division of NTT, you could say that Cindi has seen it all. She’s…

Cloud deployment: Keep up, speed up and stay ahead

How do you accelerate digital transformation with so many variables to consider? Learn how our approach to cloud deployment can ensure rapid progress.

Always here to help: Kie Min Lam, IT Engineer, our February ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner

Kie Min Lam joined the Cloud Communications division of NTT in 2015. Having progressed and taken on more responsibility over the years,…

Seven checks to make when choosing a cloud migration service provider

Comparing cloud migration service providers isn’t easy. Not least because, on the surface, it may seem like they all do the same…

Too many vendors? Too many contracts? It’s time to simplify your collaboration

Is your organization’s ability to collaborate hampered by complicated licensing? Let’s look at why you should look to simplify your collaboration. Improved…

Feeling empowered: Elaine Riley’s career and accomplishments

‘I’m passionate about how the technology we promote can empower everyone to be the best they can be.’ Elaine Riley talks about her career and motivations.

Meet our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner of 2021: Oliver Pruden, Solutions Consultant

In January, our people selected amongst their colleagues our first ‘Go the Extra Mile’ winner of 2021. Our winner, Oliver Pruden is…

Together we do great things

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