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From Business Analyst to Chief of Staff, Marie Villand Magloire never stops evolving

After being in the company for 10 years, Marie Villand Magloire went from Finance Director to Chief of Staff one year ago.…

Remote working: is your organization ‘winging it’ or winning it?

Learn how our Rapid Response solution using Cisco Webex can quickly provide the perfect platform if you need to enable remote-working staff to collaborate and communicate effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Andréia Gonzaga: her financial career-path is based on her will to always improve

Today, we focus on the career path of Andreia Gonzaga, Senior Financial Controller for the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. With more…

The ‘Go the Extra Mile’ day-to-day attitude of Richard White, Business Development Manager

In March, Richard White went the Extra Mile for his colleagues. Having been in the company for almost eight years now, he…

How to ensure the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams – and avoid confusion and chaos

A look at the challenges that, as cloud communications experts, we often encounter – and some real world examples of common pitfalls that you must avoid.

Making it happen: Remote working via a rapid roll-out of Microsoft Teams

We look at how in the curent health crisis, we have helped – and continue to help – one organization to achieve a rapid roll-out of Microsoft Teams enabling hundreds of head-office workers to effectively work together, whilst working remotely.

From Service Manager to Conferencing Product Owner, the career path of Claudia Landaeta

Today, the spotlight shines on Claudia Landaeta, Conferencing Product Owner in our Montpellier office in France. She arrived from Venezuela some years…

Together we do great things

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