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Operator Connect: what to check before you choose your provider

Choose Operator Connect provider

Operator Connect offers so many advantages.

Faster deployment, more automation and greater accessibility, for starters.

It’s also more secure, because you use your tenant access, and you can get better support.

All these reasons make Operator Connect a great way to add telephony to Microsoft Teams.

Should you stick or twist with your current provider?

But though you could simply go ahead with your current telco provider, like many other organizations you may wish to use Operator Connect to consolidate your providers – and choose just one telco to go forward with.

So how do you assess for the right fit?

If you look at the list of carriers in the Operator Connect console, you’ll see there are quite a few. Yes, you could look to mix and match providers, but do this and you’ll create a difficult support situation – and you’ll need to manage a far more complex cost of service.

A better approach is to select an operator that sees Microsoft Teams as intrinsic to its business and is very much able to support you and your critical business needs.

Choose to deal with just one telco – one that’s well-connected to Microsoft – and you’ll have one support model and one unified service.

And that’s what you want.

You’ll be able to hold them very much accountable to their SLAs.

You’ll also find it much easier to support and manage the environment yourself too.

So, first choose our guide

In our new Buyer’s Guide to Operator Connect, you’ll find 11 considerations we think you should make before you click that button and select a provider.

This list has emerged from what we’ve learned in creating our Operator Connect proposition.

It wasn’t created just to provide a minimum viable product, but to ensure it’s a service that always provides the best possible outcomes for our clients.

…then check before you choose your Operator Connect provider

Our guide looks at a wide range of different considerations. These include actual readiness, level of Microsoft Teams expertise, ability with more complex scenarios, Managed Services options, access to support from Microsoft – and many more.

Each one is vital.

Each one should be considered.

Do get the guide and be sure to check before you choose.


About the author

Charlie is Vice President, Managed Collaboration And Communications for the Cloud Communications division of NTT. He's been in the telecommunications industry for more than 15 years working for providers such as MCI-Verizon, Genesys, West Corporation, and now NTT gaining vast experience across the North American, EMEA, and APAC markets. His primary focus has been professional services related to the adoption of collaborative services and technical integrations for the last 10 years. Now he is focusing on end to end digital transformation services around cloud datacentre and intelligent communications.

Together we do great things