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Motivate your workforce – top productivity hacks for HR managers

Arkadin - Motivate your workforce - top productivity hacks for HR managers

All HR managers dream of a truly productive workforce. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you motivate even the most dedicated procrastinators.


It could be easier than you think to drive productivity with these simple workplace hacks. Done well, they could even help to improve the 9 to 5 experience for your employees – and research shows that happy workers leads directly to higher performance and higher satisfaction. Here are four key resources to inspire you.

1. Get more done in less time

There are certain behaviours and characteristics efficient people have in common: they know how to prioritise; they avoid multi-tasking, and they recognise the importance of taking care of themselves. This infographic highlights five key habits of highly productive people, alongside some really interesting facts. For example, did you know that employees who multi-task make up to 50% more errors? You’ll also find some simple productivity hacks you can share with your workforce.

5 Productivity Hacks To Get More Done In Less Time from Arkadin Collaboration Services

2. Rethink your office furniture

Our environment has a huge impact on how we feel and how we behave – when was the last time you stopped to think about how your office layout, furniture and equipment are affecting employee productivity? This Slideshare outlines six things to consider if you want to make your office a more productive place, from something as simple as a proper desk lamp to more innovative solutions like standing desks.

Five Pieces of Office Furnitures to Up your Productivity from Arkadin Collaboration Services

3. Share some motivation

Sharing a motivational quote with your team can be a fun way to brighten up their Monday morning and kickstart the working week. This Slideshare contains some of our favourite nuggets of wisdom from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Ford.

13 Best Motivational Quotes to Inspire You at Work from Arkadin Collaboration Services

4. Turn a crisis into an opportunity

Every team will face times of crisis, whether its a slowing economy or the IT system playing up ahead of an important project deadline. It’s important to remember that a crisis can also present an opportunity to strengthen your team, improving communication and collaboration. This Slideshare outlines four ways HR managers can give their team a boost in time of crisis.

Four tips to give your team a boost in time of crisis from Arkadin Collaboration Services

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These four examples are just a starting point – for more resources on how to foster a culture of collaboration and build a strong, productive workforce, follow us on Slideshare for regular updates.


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