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Maternity Matters: How Remote Working Can Keep Recent Parents on Board

A SlideShare outlining the benefits of remote and flexible working for new parents.

You’ve seen it dozens of times. You hire a great employee, they give you years of fantastic work. Everything’s dreamy. And then… life happens.

When babies screech and bawl their way into your workers’ lives, the result is often negative. For both the red-eyed new parents and their talent-starved employers.

Up to 54,000 women a year actually lose their jobs.

The new parents’ careers are disrupted by nocturnal meltdowns and the endless sobbing and screaming – and that’s just from their employers. While for those employers, the costs of covering downtime average over £5,000… even in the best cases, where little Hugo or Skyler sleeps through the night from Day 1 and can be packed off to nursery within weeks.

Fully one-third of new mothers never return to work.

But with today’s remote and flexible working options,  there’s hope – both for frazzled parents who never imagined they’d learn Peppa Pig scripts by heart, and for employers looking to do the right thing.

This SlideShare outlines why HR need not dread “maternity leave” robbing you of a valuable employee – and how, in some circumstances, the challenges created by those mucky creatures who like purple dinosaurs can even be worthwhile.

There you have it. Maternity (and paternity) leave isn’t a chasm in your employee’s working life; it can be an amazing opportunity to explore non-mainstream work options. Today’s software keeps them communicating, collaborating, and delivering across locations and platforms. And the benefits are more than technological or financial. Remote and flexible working fosters the most important bond imaginable between employer and employee: trust.


  • 45% of new mothers cut short maternity leave out of fear – you can replace fear with flexibility
  • Shared Parental Leave means out of office, not out of touch
  • Remote and flexible working arrangements help new parents multitask

Make sure your policy matches your people’s needs, download The connected business: The rise of remote working and your HR policy, what you need to know… and engage and empower your workforce long before maternity leave.


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Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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