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Managing Change – Make the customer the hero of your story

Make the customer the hero of your story. – Ann Handley


Digital transformation is a hot topic and a critical part of the vision of many organisations; though they potentially have very different objectives and motivations.

If you’ve read any testimonials, analyst reports or blogs you will know that the success of the digital workplace is not solely reliant on the technology being implemented, but rather on the end user and their ability to adopt the new services into their working lives.

Organisations that realise the potential of a collaborative environment can see exceptional results by ensuring equal emphasis is placed on the technology, the workforce, and the workplace environment.

Very often the barriers and pitfalls in digital workplace journeys are not related to technology but to culture. It is vitally important to create an exceptional customer experience and manage any change from project start-up to allow the stakeholders/C-Suite – the guiding parent – to have confidence in their decision to embrace this positive change.


Unwillingness or inability to change culture is one of the top 5 barriers to digital transformation (Microsoft, 2017)


Understanding what an enterprise wants to achieve when purchasing a new technology and their specific user and business requirements, is crucial to ensuring success.

This customer-led approach should then drive the overall initiative. It will feed into product selection, the development of a tailored project driven by customer benefits, objectives, and vision and motivated by enhancing the end user experience.

The correct consultation, guidance, and delivery can lead to broad adoption and positive outcomes. A small percentage of that improvement comes from just installing the solution.

Quite often, 80-100% of benefits and anticipated improvements are tied to the end user and people changing their behaviours and their willingness to incorporate our technologies into their daily working lives (2016, PROSCI).


“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” – Peter Senge


Change initiatives impact how individual people do their work: their processes, how they interact with their technology and colleagues, their workflows and even their daily behaviours.

All of these things cannot be changed overnight they need to be planned with the client well in advance and receive as much attention as technical configuration.

At Arkadin, we put change management at the heart of our UC offer, working with stakeholders from the C-Suite to the users to ensure all parties are fully involved in and supportive of change. We partner with our clients on an end to end journey from vision to transformation to ensure successful outcomes.



  • Ensure all parties are brought into change
  • Understand your customer needs
  • Plan your transformation in detail


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About the author

Sarah’s years of experience in managing varying scales of Organizational Change Management initiatives, mostly in the realm of Digital Transformation Projects, has provided her with the opportunity to engage with organisations across all different verticals and industries to gain valuable insight of how competitive advantage in the IT sphere can increase the market value and relevance of a business in today’s modern workplace. As Arkadin's leading OCM professional, Sarah works with clients to understand their future workplace strategy and vision, delve into a company’s history and legacy when it comes to digital change and ensure that end users and key stakeholders get the chance to feed into a change vision early.

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