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Always looking for new challenges: Leandro Lorenzini De Oliveira and his technical career path

In his seven years with the business, the career path of Leandro Lorenzini De Oliveira at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. has never stopped evolving. From Order Management Specialist for Latin America – based in São Paulo – to Regional Information System Specialist for APAC – based in Singapore – Leandro is always looking for new challenges.  

In his current role Leandro is developing WEB and ETL (SSIS) applications to support business needs, integrating them with partners. He also supports various departments by building SAP BI reports, and he provides Level 2 support for the main information systems used, by reporting major issues to the global team.  

Our interview with him is below, but we also asked him some extra questions to find out more about the geographical and professional challenges he has encountered and how they have shaped his technical career path.  

Q. What does your typical day as a Regional Information System Specialist look like? 

It really depends on if we have a project going on or not. If I have a project assigned to me, I’ll be mostly working on that, doing some coding. If not, I’ll be mostly supporting the products previously developed by the team. 

Q. You mention in your video that you wanted to work abroad in a different cultural environment. How did you find it, moving from Brazil to Singapore? 

This was my first experience living abroad and I came to somewhere completely different to my own country. It was very interesting to learn how things work, and how people behave. I also became more outgoing as I had to start my social life from scratch. 

Q. On your Linkedin page, you describe yourself as someone who is always “looking for new challenges”. Can you tell about a challenge you’ve faced so far in your career at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.? 

I always try to challenge myself on new subjects, even those which are not specifically related to my job, and for example, take courses and study for exams. The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career with the company though was in learning to communicate with colleagues from other countries where the culture and mindset are completely different

Q. After moving to Singapore, your job changed from Order Management Specialist to Regional Information System Specialist. Can you explain the difference and why you wanted a more technical position? 

I had worked before in much more technical positions but always in smaller companies. The role in the order management team in APAC requires less technical skills than the one in Latin America, and this was one of the reasons I wanted to move to this position.

Q. Do you have any advice for someone who want to follow a career path in Information Systems?

Make sure you have very good, broad knowledge in IS and IT related topics. Learn about a lot of technologies but do not worry about being a total expert in all of them because every day you are likely to face a different scenario which will require you to combine different aspects of what you know from these different technologies to come up with a new solution.

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