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Know Your Rights [Requesting and Enabling Flexible Working]

Know your rights when it comes to flexible working arrangements and understand how communication and collaboration technology can help you and your employees request flexible working and work remotely.

When governments wake up to flexible working, you know it’s gone mainstream. Everyone who’s worked for you longer than a set period has the right to request flexibility – anything from working-from-home to time-shifting their hours.


20m UK employees have the right to request it.

Here’s a brief rundown of the employee’s rights… and how respecting those rights can lead to great outcomes for HR and beyond.

The rights and responsibilities of flexible working aren’t not a minefield – they’re a goldmine. Empowered workers appreciate it when you show flexibility, often working harder and delivering more. Which go a long way to solving recruitment and retention problems!

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About the author

Annemarie, leads and implements the HR strategy across northern Europe at Arkadin Collaboration Services. She is passionate about the role of unified communication in company communications and employee recruitment and retention.

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Together we do great things