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The heroic journey to the digital workplace: Our hero rises

The second in Arkadin’s series of 3 guidebooks detailing the journey towards a digital workplace

The digital workplace is not a dream destination but a reality. Connecting up your people and technology – on a single, intuitive collaboration platform brings benefits which can be felt right across the entire organisation. But reaching that nirvana isn’t an on-off switch; it’s a journey.

And the next step on our hero’s journey towards that digital workplace is to get walking.

In Part 1, you saw our hero making plans. They stopped thinking of “digital” as an end in itself but as part of the overall vision.  The vision of the digital workplace as a dynamic organisation where people, process and technology work together to help organisations join up to face clients, to react to market conditions quickly and to stay a step ahead of the competition. Organisations that have a clear vision (one that starts at the top!) will have a greater chance of success. Our hero had a call to action – a compelling event – to kick start their journey and draw out the map of today and the destination of tomorrow. Then, armed with goals and plans our hero set out to find their allies.

In this episode – Part 2 – our hero starts travelling forward, with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. (Or at least a mandate and budget.)

Travelling at our hero’s side, are guides. Guides can help you navigate the pitfalls – they’ve been there before. Finally, we conclude with the all important launch – with our hero at mission control making sure that all is successful. All ready for Part 3, where you’ll see how real business value comes not just from technology, but its adoption and the integration into business processes.

Taking your organisation on a successful journey to a digital workplace requires change – are you ready!

Let’s join our hero as he looks around for helpful guides on his digital road.


  • On the hero’s journey to a digital workplace, seek advice from knowledgeable guides like consultants, systems integrators, and service providers.
  • On the hero’s journey to a digital workplace, bring together people, process and technology as part of the integration phase.
  • On the hero’s journey to a digital workplace, never forget the missing ‘U’ – user adoption drives your ROI.

Continue your heroic journey to the digital workplace. Download Chapter Two of this guidebook and let it aid you as you continue your journey. What is more, you’ll be the first to receive Chapter Three and get access to Chapter One – just in case you missed it.


About the author

Helen Lancaster, has a career spanning 18 years in the IT and Telco sectors spending time at Canadian giant Nortel Networks, US manufacturer Avaya and UK Telco Kcom. Her roles over the years have included various commercial positions in sales and marketing - including four years in Madrid in Spain - leading to her current position of Head of Marketing for Northern Europe at Arkadin. Helen has a passion for data, and all things digital.

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