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It’s all about that base…why shared office spaces are productive hubs for business leaders

A SlideShare outlining key traits of successful co-working for CIOs and business leaders.

There’s no there, there. Gertrude Stein’s pithy put-down has been used to illustrate lack of substance in business strategy, consumer products, public policy… and virtual working.

But virtual working takes many forms. Because people connect and collaborate in countless ways. Some of which even involve sitting next to each other! Remote working, video conferencing, whiteboard-enabled collaboration – all are great. But few companies cut the cord and do without desks and chairs entirely.

The learning organisation needs to foster a sense of place, whether there’s a there there or not. So when the search begins for a shared office space, how can today’s CIOs make the most of their “there” there?

(And yes, that’s the first time any collaboration expert has used a word that many times in one sentence.)

This SlideShare has some ideas. Over the next 30 slides you’ll find 8 key traits of hyper-productive co-working arrangements from around the world. If you’re charged with finding shared office space to give your business leaders a platform from which to rule the world, test each option against the points below.

So there you have it. Shared office space is about a lot more than location, location, location. You’ve got to study how people work more than where they work. Seating arrangements, enclosed areas, hardware infrastructure and soft furnishings. They all matter.


  • In co-working, space matters – but so does infrastructure.
  • The right shared office spaces foster chance encounters and impromptu meetings
  • Great co-working spaces let works redesign them to suit.

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Ryan O'Reilly is a progressive, visionary leader with 16 years operational experience of managing technical departments, deploying carrier grade IT and Telecommunication infrastructures and delivering world class hosting solutions. Ryan has proven success in defining operational and technical rollout strategies and leading high performance teams to exceed company objectives in highly pressurised, high pace working environments.

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