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Lockdown: an interview with chief executive Mark Alexander

In the midst of the global pandemic, I recently caught up with Mark Alexander, CEO of the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.

As the leader of a global organization, he usually spends a great deal of time visiting clients, partners, and regional offices around the world.

Here, he talks about how, personally, he has adjusted to staying put and working remotely during lockdown – and how the business has been fully engaged supporting clients as they tackle short-term business continuity needs, and look to accelerate their plans.

Looking ahead, he also gives his views on what comes next including the key role that unified communications, collaborative tools, cloud-based telephony, and online events will have to play, as organizations the world over adapt to new ways of working

The times marked below provide a guide to topics under discussion. Or of course, just click play and watch the whole thing!

  • 0′ 20″ – an overview of just how busy the Cloud Communications division has been during this extraordinary time and his own personal experience: being extremely productive using our communication and collaboration tools, but also missing on the energy the comes from working with people face-to-face.
  • 2’20” – how client needs are changing with the focus on maintaining productivity, particularly as whole workforces are working remotely, and how projects are being accelerated and prioritized
  • 3’50” – how organizations are looking to harness Digital Events for one-to-one and group meetings, and – especially in these critical times – for one-to-many communications when the need is to reach hundreds or even thousands of employees and crucial stakeholders.
  • 5’25” – how rewarding it has been to witness all the dedicated work being done by colleagues, and to hear the great feedback from clients praising teamwork and those significant individual contributions that have provided such valuable support.
  • 6’50” – how projects are moving on from short-term fixes in crisis, or emergency mode, to solutions for the longer term, and the shape of our work that’s likely to be in demand over the coming months, quarters and beyond.
  • 8’40” – the importance for clients in ensuring productivity – and how Cloud Voice – cloud-based telephony – is a key enabler, ensuring business continuity irrespective of location and device.
  • 11’08” – how we’re working with a many clients on moving their physical events to virtual environments – and how in the longer term the world of events may change to accommodate changing demands and expectations.
  • 13’30” – a personal reflection on how his working life may change in the future, perhaps involving less travel, and a look ahead to re-uniting with colleagues face-to-face, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

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Simon Sanders is Social Media & Content Manager at the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd. He has more than 20 years' experience as a creative marketer helping brands and organizations to tell their story, engage with existing and new audiences, and manage their reputation.

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