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HR Directors Business Summit 2016

The digital workplace is a destination, and getting there is a journey. A journey that, like the classic hero’s journey, involves vision, allies, guides, challenges and transformation.

Through becoming allies, HR and I.T can become the power couple on the journey to the digital workplace and give their employees the tools to be more productive, flexible, engaged and knowledgeable.

In order to reach this destination of the digital workplace, HR must drive a culture shift throughout their business. This culture shift, enabled by the I.T department will not only result in a more productive and engaged workforce but will also give companies an advantage in their business arena as employee retention rates increase and it becomes a more desirable place in which to work. After all, remote workers are 50% less likely to quit.

At the recent HR Business Directors Summit in Birmingham Helen Lancaster, Head of Marketing, Northern Europe, Arkadin and John Knell, Director, Intelligence Agency outlined the vital role HR and I.T play in taking their company on this heroic journey, and asked senior HR Directors which stage of the journey they are currently at, nearly half of which were already in dialogue with their I.T counterparts.

At the HR Directors Business Summit Breakfast Briefing we addressed a few questions concerning the journey to the digital workplace that might be playing on the minds of senior HR managers. One of the most interesting things to come out of this breakfast briefing was the concern that a journey to the digital workplace required a major investment. The answer to this is quite, simply no. In order to reach the digital workplace the key driver is employee engagement, but strengthening this the business case is made for further investment, this can even start with a pilot.

Discover how HR are joining with I.T and embarking on the heroic journey to the digital workplace in the two videos below.


To learn more about how HR can drive the change towards the office of the future check out the Slideshare: HR – Your role in creating a digital workplace


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Helen Lancaster, has a career spanning 18 years in the IT and Telco sectors spending time at Canadian giant Nortel Networks, US manufacturer Avaya and UK Telco Kcom. Her roles over the years have included various commercial positions in sales and marketing - including four years in Madrid in Spain - leading to her current position of Head of Marketing for Northern Europe at Arkadin. Helen has a passion for data, and all things digital.

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