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How to Improve Business Efficiency and Agility

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk on Monday morning going through your emails, when the MD comes waltzing by and asks you “how can we use Cisco UC Solutions to improve business efficiency and agility?”

This is a genuine question which you can’t answer in two minutes. That’s why we’d like to share with you the exact information you need to have in hand when you get back to your MD.

A Quick Market Overview and Needs Analysis

54% of business leaders are investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions. Therefore, you need to look for a technology solution that puts people first. This is probably the reason for your MD to ask you the question.

Work Smarter with Webex Calling

The next step for you is to calculate the business value of using new and innovative cloud services. As a result, you’ll be able to confidently demonstrate the benefits of Cisco Calling to your MD:

Cisco Arkadin

Digital Transformation Made Simple

If you need additional information about Cisco Calling and the tremendous value of having a partner on board to manage and support your overall transition and transformation, I highly recommend you two of the most read articles on the Arkadin Blog:

Cisco Webex Calling Offering for Complete Enterprise Communications to Deliver Smarter Workspaces

by Javier Fontenla

The workplace as we know it is transforming. Digital innovation is moving at breakneck speed, creating new ways of working and enabling many employees to operate across more devices, time zones and settings than ever before.

With the need to enhance customer experiences and accelerate digital workforce growing stronger, cloud-based communication forms a critical part of any organisation’s digital transformation strategy. In an age of workplace revolution and rapidly evolving collaboration tools, your business needs to work ‘smarter’ and create the spaces needed to drive your workforce forward. But what exactly do you need to succeed? Read more…

5 reasons Cisco Webex is more than what you realise

by Martin Old

The latest edition to the Webex family, Webex Calling, sees the integration of cloud PBX into the Webex suite, this development now enables all of your key touch points within your business network, to be reached from a single integrated service, from a simple telephone call through to large scale meetings. This is a real enabler for enterprises where Cisco Webex now serves a comprehensive suite of fully integrated services for all of the communication and collaboration needs. Your business phone is where you are and fully integrated with the established Cisco Webex suite of communication and collaboration tools, productivity and mobility. Read more…

Last but not least

You’re now ready to answer your MD’s questions, including her follow up ones. In case you’d like to know more about Cisco UC Solutions and what Arkadin can do for your business, please feel free to get in contact.

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