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How to build a killer webinar presentation

Webinars are the juice for engaging prospects – but how can marketers stand out? This SlideShare outlines some methods.

Many executives worry about the wrong things when creating webinars.

They’ll obsess over the whether their backgrounds are the right colour. Whether they’ll fit their speech into the time available. Or whether they’ve covered the 150 points raised at the last quarterly meeting.

Note what unites these worries? They’re all internally focussed.

Successful webinars don’t need bigger budgets or or deeper expertise, either. (Although bigger budgets and deeper expertise are always nice to have.) Nor do they rely entirely on standard marketing metrics like registrations, leads, and conversions. What matters most – what gives your webinar evergreen status and usefulness over a long life – is audience appeal.

Getting there involves a change of perspective. Because the metrics of an engaged audience are very different from your monthly report. They ask: was it educational? Did it address my pain points? Can I use the information in it, right here, right now?

This SlideShare looks at improving webinars from the audience’s perspective. With no-nonsense instructions for creating a webinar presentation, step by step, in a way that puts your audience first.

There are many benefits to delivering effective webinars. More leads, faster progress down the purchase pathway, and the chance to really engage with your target market – in a way that’s as entertaining as it informative.

Given those benefits, don’t you owe it to yourself to make every webinar a killer?

Starting today, your webinars are going to be killer. Now get out there and start slaying ‘em.


  • Too many Webinars are created from their presenter’s perspective – not their audience’s
  • Every great webinar started as a set of bullet points
  • Webinars are stories – and need to follow story structure

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Helen Lancaster, has a career spanning 18 years in the IT and Telco sectors spending time at Canadian giant Nortel Networks, US manufacturer Avaya and UK Telco Kcom. Her roles over the years have included various commercial positions in sales and marketing - including four years in Madrid in Spain - leading to her current position of Head of Marketing for Northern Europe at Arkadin. Helen has a passion for data, and all things digital.

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